Difference between Kajabi and Thrivecart

I get asked often about why I chose Thrivecart over Kajabi for my cart...

And because I have my own reasons for it I thought a blog on their difference would be a good idea.

There’s no compromise with carts. You NEED them to be pleasing and be optimized for conversions.

There are lots of areas where I feel Kajabi lags behind when it comes to their cart feature. I’ll take you through them one by one. Kajabi's cart is sufficient for most of the Kajabian's but some may need something more robust.

  • Account Creation MANDATORY in Kajabi- To make a purchase in Kajabi it’s mandatory for you to make an account while purchasing. Kajabi being a course-selling platform leaves you no other option but to make an account.

 If you’re someone who has a coaching business or someone who wants to sell an ebook or a digital download you have absolutely no need to have your client make an account.

You only want to receive payments for coaching sessions or send ebooks via mail. But Kajabi simply does not have this provision.

Also, a lot of people like to receive their credentials via email after they buy so that they can refer to them when they need to log in to access the thing they bought from you.

Thrivecart has a major win. Thrivecart does not have any such mandatory step.

They can purchase things on Thrivecart and they are sent their login credentials for things you think they need an account for or an email is sent to them with the product they purchased. ( you decide this as the seller and not Thrivecart)


  • Returning Customer- If you’re back on Kajabi to make another purchase, Kajabi will remember that you’ve had an account before and that you’re a returning customer. Before making the second purchase, Kajabi requires you to login first since you have an existing account.

This is a huge drawback because sometimes there’re years of gap between purchases. Who really remembers passwords then? Unable to complete the purchase, the customer often feels irritated and stalls the purchase altogether.

Going through the process of “forget password”, “reset password” leaves a bad taste in their mouth. It confuses them and BOOM! You lose another customer.

Thankfully, there’s no such re-login issue with Thrivecart since they don’t expect you to make an account JUST for the sake of buying in the first place. 

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Thrivecart allows a trial period when you do a 1-time payment. This feature is not available in a 1-time pay option in Kajabi. In Kajabi the trial period is only on subscription payments.

Inability to Calculate VAT as per Location-
Kajabi as of now does not calculate VAT as per the customer’s location. Kajabi obviously has users from all over the world, and the VAT percentage in every country is different.

The receipt you receive as a customer has the VAT already inbuilt in it. So there’s no way for you to know the breakdown of the pricing. So people from countries like Canada and Europe face a lot of difficulties since it’s mandatory in those countries for the receipt to have a proper breakdown of your purchase+ the VAT. 

The built-in tax calculation feature of Thrivecart REALLY sets it apart. Thrivecart can accurately and automatically calculate sales tax on your purchase based on your location, product purchased, and various other variables.

A detailed bill is more important than you think. Big win, right? 



  • Limited Upsell and Downsell Capacity- Kajabi can offer only 1 upsell. The upsell page in Kajabi is simple and basic, it isn’t even very customizable. So you don’t have an option to change it as per your liking. You can add video, some text but that is the only customization you can do on an upsell page in Kajabi.

With downsells in Kajabi, sadly they don’t have this provision yet. So if someone refuses the upsell, there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATOTIATION happening on Kajabi. Refused the upsell? That’s the end. This affects your conversions quite a lot since your scope of persuading them to make more than one payment drastically reduces.

Thrivecart offers great customization options on the upsell page. Not only that, they also have the ability to add more than 1 upsells.

In case they’re not interested in the upsells, Thrivecart has the option of downsells too. A lower-priced product is displayed to them and they may purchase it because it fits in their budget and needs after they have declined the upsell you had offered.

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  • Basic Affiliate System- As a business owner, we want to save our time and reduce our manual work as much as possible. Kajabi’s affiliate system is very basic, nothing extraordinary. It works for sure but there is so much that can be better.

    You have to do the manual work by downloading the report making sure all is well and then pay manually to each of your affiliates. That can be a big time suck if you have a lot of affiliates and no team to help.

    The app also lets you choose how you want to pay your affiliates the commission. You can either do it manually or automatically

Also, Kajabi doesn’t offer any placeholder for you to offer affiliate assets to your affiliates. You have to design your own landing page or a product for this.

Thrivecart offers you a place to add your affiliate assets like images, swipe copy, etc for you to offer to your potentials. So 1 less task of creating this manually.

Plus you have so many options for customizing the experience for your affilaites.

You can also decide the validity of your affiliate cookie, which is not a feature Kajabi provides.

This adds a lot of little steps that Kajabi users have to do. If you opt for Thrivecart, you can chuck these small steps from your to-do list.

  • 1 Type of Cart- Kajabi has only 1 kind of cart. 

When we look at Thrivecart, it has multiple cart options to choose from. Standard, sales cart, embeddable cart, pop-up cart etc. So this way Thrivecart becomes a lot more flexible than Kajabi.


  • A/B Testing- Kajabi does not pose the facility for A/B testing.

    A/B testing is essential for you when your want to improve things that are not working. Testing is essential to weed out what is not working and include what is working.

Thrivecart has the option to set up a split test. You can split up elements like price, design etc and figure out what makes your customers buy from you.

  • Payment Options- Kajabi accepts payments only from PayPal and Stripe. There is no third payment option.

Apart from Stripe and PayPal, Thrivecart also allows you to make payments through Google Pay, Authorize.net and Apple Pay. More the number of payment gateways more the conversions! 

  • Product Upgrade- When you decide to offer an upgraded version of the product someone just bought, Kajabi bills both products. This means that the buyer will be billed for both products. Kajabi has no provision to null the initial purchase.

Thrivecart though, nulls the initial purchase and only bills the customer for the updated version of the product.

So here we end of this blog of discussing the differences between these two leading platforms.

Because I am a Kajabi user myself, I get asked a lot of times about which cart is better- Thrivecart or Kajabi. So I thought a blog to answer all those questions would be a great thing to do!


 ThriveCart is a great cart, as we have already discussed. And it also comes at a great price! It starts at a one-time cost of $495. The pro version is a little more and has some additional features like an affiliate system.

Most carts of this kind will normally come at a monthly cost of 99 USD, this is a great deal at $495 for life.

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If you want to use Thrivecart with Kajabi then you need to use Zapier so that they can talk to each other.

When you have integrated Kajabi and Thrivecart via Zapier, then when a purchase is made in Thrivecart, Kajabi will send login credentials to the customer.

In Zapier you set a Trigger Zap and an Action Zap.

Trigger Zap is below

Action Zap is below

So here we are granting access to the product via an automation set in the form. 

If you need help with the setup, please send an [email protected] [email protected], as I do offer it as a service.

On the strength of Sneha's recommendation, I purchased Thrivecart. As a bonus, she helped me get up and running.

Sneha helped me set up a funnel to give the book away for the amount of shipping, an order bump and two upsells. I am absolutely thrilled that I have the process ironed out, including the connection to kajabi to capture the emails. 

"Sneha was super fast and helpful in helping me set up Thrivecart. She made it look great. Her help really saved me time and took one more thing off my plate!"

James Blick

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Disclaimer:  This blog does contain affiliate links meaning if you click on one of those links and end up making a purchase after doing so I might receive a small commission. I only promote products and events that I truly believe in.


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