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ThriveCart - Full Review 2021

When you’re launching you obviously want to ensure that you got all ducks in a row.

With so many options to choose from, it becomes difficult to decide on which one to go for.

You want your checkout cart to be visually pleasing + you want it to be optimized for conversions.

Your shopping cart is one of the key elements of your sales process and that is where the $💰 is made.

You can't ignore this piece of your process, you can't use anything that will do the job of taking the money and giving access, you need the ABSOLUTE best.

There are some features that are ESSENTIAL to your shopping cart, if your current cart does not have it, it is time to make the switch.

Based on my research on numerous cart options, I find ThriveCart to be THE ABSOLUTE BEST.

Let me take you through its features so you know what I mean when I say it’s the best you can get.

Are you readyyy?

Here are the features that Thrivecart provides: 


1-Click Upsells

Upsell is the 2nd offer you make to your clients after they have bought the 1st.

When I say 1 click upsells, it means that they won’t have to add their payment details all over again to purchase your second offer, they just have to click 1 button and they can purchase the 2nd offer.

This feature makes it so easy for them to make the 2nd purchase, as sometimes the drill of adding all the details again make people not wanting to buy,

And when someone made their 1st purchase with you, that is the PERFECT time to
try to sell another offer to them!

It increases your cart value and they get another great deal to pair with the first one.



Downsell is just the reverse of what happens in an upsell. 

ThriveCart lets you offer a lower-priced product if they did not take you up on the upsell offer you made.

This feature lets you offer a few options at various price points to your customer, so if they can't take the upsell they could choose something else that might fit their needs and budget at that point.


Order Bumps

Order Bumps let you increase your profit margin in any sales you make. The procedure is also very easy. You just need to have a box that your clients can tick and exit. These small purchases, that seem so little, add up at the end for you!

This feature may seem insignificant, but because it’s so easy, many people end up ticking the box, which increases your cart value.

All this happens without them feeling that they’re spending a lot of money because order bumps are easy YES purchases and don’t cost a lot.

What you must keep in mind here is that your order bump should offer should be highly related to your main product. Plus, don’t keep the price more than half of the initial offer.


Varied Subscription Plans 

When running a membership site the flexibility to charge at different intervals is huge. And Thrivecart let you charge daily, weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, quarterly, every 6 months and even yearly. This is an unmatched feature.

 Also, Thrivecart allows a trial period when you do a 1-time payment.

Multiple Cart Layout Options: 

You can have multiple options on one cart page.

You can also send them to different URL's based on the package they buy.


Various Options of Cart Layout

Embedded Cart- Popup Cart - Sales Cart - Standard Cart

ThriveCart is very flexible. 

With this feature, you can embed your cart on any webpage.

You can conveniently add a pop-up cart on any webpage and convert a prospect into a client!

ThriveCart has the ability to give you an embed code for each of the cart pages you build, You can easily add this code to any page on any platform.


A/B Testing

Split testing, as it is referred to, comes to the rescue during the marketing phase of your offer.

Figuring out what makes your visitor buy, will help you as you do more of that.

A/B testing helps you improve the conversions of your offer by split testing two variations of your checkout pages.

ThriveCart is an extremely useful software since it has made it convenient for us to set up a split test. 

You can split-test elements like price, payment options, overall checkout design, and even test which testimonials work the best.

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Retargeting is a major factor in marketing. Retargeting is the most efficient method to push your prospect to make the purchase. In its most basic sense, it means to bring someone back to your offer.

It proves useful because here you’re not going after your target audience, you’re literally going after the people who were on the verge of buying your offer. 

Retargeting improves the chances of you making a sale because it brings the offer in front of the person who was interested and gives your prospect a second or third chance to buy.


Affiliate Management Centre

Affiliating is one of the best ways to sell your offers online.

With affiliates, your marketing strategy becomes much more cost-effective. 

This is because you can reach a targeted audience through qualified affiliates and only pay them if the product is sold.

Affiliates guarantee more leads and they do all the work to spread the word about your offer, this is what makes it so reliable and trustworthy.

One of the main attractions in ThriveCart has to be its Affiliate Management Centre.

This lets you do everything from creating affiliate programs to managing marketers.

ThriveCart sets itself apart from its competitors because it enables the affiliates to add a tracking ID to all affiliate links.

This helps them to keep a note of how they’re performing in the market. 

You can also set the % affiliate commission you desire and how many days after the purchase is the payment due.

Thrivecart also has a feature to let you provide your affiliates all the resources they need to promote your product within the app. 

You can provide them email copy, banner images, etc.

The app also lets you choose how you want to pay your affiliates the commission. You can either do it manually or automatically

Plus you have so many options for customizing the experience for your affilaites.


Customer Hub

Customer hub on Thrive Cart is a specified area that helps customers view their past purchases, check invoices, and review their subscriptions.

This can be viewed by your clients via a link that the ThriveCart’s automated system sends them as soon as they buy your offer.

This hub also facilitates them in updating their personal information with no hassle.

For you, it’ll make it easier to resolve customer doubts and queries. This most certainly reduces the pressure on you.

This hub has proven to be the one-stop-shop for all customer concerns over the years.


2-Factor Authentication

ThriveCart offers a two-factor authentication system to provide another additional layer of security for its users.

This is an optional step for users but guarantees protection from any kind of unauthorized access to your account.

The 2-factor authentication is basically about ThriveCart sending its users a 6 digit code, which they are required to enter at the time of login.

The most recommended app for this procedure is Authy. You can simply download it on your mobile and you’re good to go.


Video Carts

ThriveCart recently launched this brand new feature, which lets you add videos to your cart.

The videos should be in MP4 format. You can just easily drop an image element and upload the video into your cart.

Sales Videos are proven to boost conversions.


Coupon URL

Coupons are a great way to generate more revenue since you’re offering a discount on your offer price. And discounts have been long known to lure people.

You can create a coupon URL by simply heading on to the products coupon tab and clicking on the “coupons” option.

Here you will get to choose between various options like look over the past coupons, creating a new one, and checking how many of them have been used.

The “Copy URL” option for your coupon lets you automatically apply the coupon to the visiting client. This feature will show them the discounted rate.

When they see the before and after prices, it makes them feel good about the great saving they are making with your purchase.

It’s a boost of psychological satisfaction for them and increased sales for you.



You can then go into Account Settings > API and webhooks > Webhooks and notification > View Settings.

 In Webhooks’ settings, you can edit an existing webhook, add or remove a webhook.

 You can name our webhook too, for easy identification later. 

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2 Step Cart

The 2 step cart checkout feature is quite useful in ThriveCart.

It is a popular and effective conversion mechanism, especially for digital marketing.

2-step checkout means dividing the checkout process into 2 segments.

1st step- Collecting user’s contact information and giving them an option to create an account.

2nd step- Collecting the payment.

This type of two-step checkouts is important when it comes to cart abandonment.

Sometimes people abandon carts at the very last minute, so this feature helps you follow up with them since they’ve already gone through step 1 successfully.

This is a good feature, as you can then follow up with them with emails and ask them to complete their purchase. 

After step 1, users find it difficult to abandon after filling in their details. It is called micro commitment.

This feature helps in increasing sales.


Detailed Stats

You can review detailed stats on ThriveCart. These include gross and net revenue generated, orders, page visits, conversion rates, and much more…

It also provides you with a graph which contains the sales you made in the past x days. Such detailed statistics help you analyse your market and know in which direction you’re headed.

Payment Gateways

Thrivecart allows you to link with, Google Pay & Apple Pay in addition to Stripe and PayPal.

Giving more payment options always help in conversions.

Making payments gateways like these helps in boosting conversions too. Now you can conveniently make payments anytime, anywhere!


Product Upgrade

Sometimes you may wish to incorporate an inclusive product or maybe the same product at a different price, with the main purchase which your customer has made. ThriveCart offers a provision for that as well.

Instead of you having to get into hassles of refunds or canceling orders, with ThriveCart you can easily replace the items in your cart and even replace payments.

Automatic Receipts

The ThriveCart system sends an automatic invoice receipt to the customers after they’ve purchased your offer. This is a default setting and is very useful since it saves you from the admin work. 

People love to get authenticated receipts for their purchases.

Thrivecart will send an invoice with your address and their address, plus whatever branding you add to it.



Auto Follow-up

ThriveCart poses an automatic abandonment email collection system. This software helps you follow up with people who abandoned their cart at the very last minute.  

Following up with abandoned cart customers increases your probability of making a sale.

The best part about ThriveCart is that everything is AUTOMATIC. 


Modal Cart

A modal cart helps the customers view their shopping cart status. 

This includes the items they’ve added to their carts, how much of each, subtotal, etc. 

They can also see which product they added last and so on. It helps them keep a track of their shopping. 


Trial Support

Giving the provision for a free trial gives a sense of relief to your customer

So with ThriveCart, you can give a free trial to your customers.

ThriveCart offers free trials for one-time payments and free/paid trials for subscription plans as well.

This way your customers can get on board with a free trial.


Built-in Tax Calculation ( This is huge)

ThriveCart automatically and accurately calculates the sales tax, based on various factors like location, product type, and other variables. 

It then provides you with a final report which contains order details. 

This way you don’t have to get affiliated with another service altogether, solely for this. 


ThriveCart will itself notify people when their payments are due or they’ve had failed payments. This saves you the time and effort of chasing your clients to complete their payment process.

This built-in feature helps you manage payments, without having to take any headache for it.


Physical Products

ThriveCart lets you sell physical products in addition to digital products. This is a very handy feature when your business does both kinds of products.


Limited Quantity

This feature lets you control how many quantities you want to sell.

This feature is both for physical or digital products. It saves so much time and effort.


Zapier Integration

Zapier is a massive integration app. It helps software like ThriveCart get linked with 2000+ apps. This helps you by automating your business and leave everything onto technology!

Zapier supports triggers, actions, searches, and filters. It allows an array of triggers regarding a product purchase, affiliates, payments, and much more…

ThriveCart, without a doubt, is the most powerful but simple shopping cart software that there is. Apart from the amazing features I just mentioned, it is so user friendly.

Once you start using it, it’ll become an ESSENTIAL for your life and your business, you just won’t be able to do without it. Like it is 1 of the tools I use every day.

It integrates so many payment platforms, autoresponders, email marketing software, it’s all you could ask for!

If you plan to, or already are selling digital products or courses, I would 10/10 would recommend you using ThriveCart.

If you want to use Thrivecart with Kajabi then you need to use Zapier so that they can talk to each other.

When you have integrated Kajabi and Thrivecart via zapier, then when a purchase is made in Thrivecart, Kajabi will send login credentials to the customer.

In Zapier you set a Trigger Zap and an Action Zap.

Trigger Zap is below

Action Zap is below

So here we are granting access to the product via an automation set in the form. 

Also, make sure you disable Stripe/Paypal invoices, as Thrivecart sends an invoice.

If you need help with the setup, please send an [email protected] [email protected], as I do offer it as a service.

When you purchase Thrivecart you also get access to their new feature ( it is not just a feature but a whole tool in itself)  - It is called -Learn

Learn is an extremely powerful and flexible course platform that is available for free directly within ThriveCart for ThriveCart users.

It allows vendors to easily sell their training and content to customers through highly flexible courses containing modules and lessons. Each of which has a wide range of super-powerful drip-feeding options – giving you complete customisation on how your content is delivered to your students.

There are two versions of Learn available;

  • Learn (included for free as part of your ThriveCart account)
  • Learn+ (a paid advanced version containing a number of extra-powerful features)

Both versions allow for unlimited courses, unlimited modules, unlimited lessons, and unlimited students.

Here is a look at some of their features.

They have a Folder System that they call Project & Course Management

Here we can keep everything organised in what is known as projects. Projects are not student-facing and they’re used internally. So you can make a project for all your digital products and another for your digital courses.

Course Content Access (Instant/Drip Feed)

Learn gives you incredibly powerful functionality with how you can deliver your course content to your students.

You can choose from ‘instant’ access, giving the module or lessons to your student as soon as they’ve paid, or you can drip feed content out using a wide range of methods.

What’s more, you can mix and match this in your course. Meaning different lessons or modules could be drip-fed out at different times or methods.

Supported methods for drip-feeding modules and lessons include,

  • Releasing modules/lessons every day, week, month, or year after their purchase.
  • Releasing modules/lessons on a specific day of the month
  • Releasing modules/lessons on specific fixed dates
  • Releasing modules/lessons after a trial period
  • Releasing modules/lessons after specific rebills

As you can see, you have a huge amount of flexibility in how your content is dripped out to your students, and again – remember, these can be mixed and matched within your course giving you a super high level of flexibility.

Course Area: Creating a course in Learn is very easy.

From the dashboard you click Create Course.

Then you complete these fields.

Then you create modules by clicking this button. Give it a name and stuff and add lessons.

You can add these elements in the lesson area. and change all the colours to suit your branding.

* Important Content Hosting

Some course platforms offer to host your videos and course downloads. But, those platforms can cost hundreds of dollars every month and/or take a percentage of your sales to cover the hosting/bandwidth costs to host your course content.

Learn is a free platform available within ThriveCart and our one-time pricing does not provide scope for hosting your videos or downloads.

Embedding videos into your lessons can be achieved using almost any video hosting service that provides you with an embed code. Platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia, are all popular video hosting services.

For downloads, services like Amazon S3 are popular for extremely low-cost hosting solutions. Some users even use Google Drive or DropBox to host their downloads.

If you want some more features you can upgrade to learn + just for $195.

You will get access to these additional features

Advanced Triggers [Learn+]

Bundles [Learn+]

Bundles are a great way to sell multiple courses at once!

If you have a collection of courses and want to sell this to your customer all from one product, you can easily create a bundle of courses and then set your product’s fulfilment to add customers to that bundle.

Upon purchase, all available courses in that Bundle will be added to the student’s account and they’ll have access to everything within it.

Team Members [Learn+]

With Team Members, you can add your staff and assistants to your account and give them specific permissions to access and manage your projects, courses, and students.

You have a wide number of permissions available to give staff just the access they need.

On top of this, you can limit their access to specific projects or all projects.

Adding tags + Importing Students  [Learn+]


ThriveCart is a great cart, as we have already discussed. And it also comes at a great price! It starts at a one-time cost of $495.( You get learn totally free as a part of thrive cart)

The pro version is 690 and has some additional features like an affiliate system and you can upgrade to learn + if you want the additional features of learn + just for an additional $195.

So total will be $885 for a lifetime of a Learning Platform and a Cart. ( I don't think anything can beat that)

Most carts of this kind will normally come at a monthly cost of 99 USD, this is a great deal at $495 for life.

If you need help with the setup, please send an [email protected] [email protected], as I do offer it as a service.

On the strength of Sneha's recommendation, I purchased Thrivecart. As a bonus, she helped me get up and running.

Sneha helped me set up a funnel to give the book away for the amount of shipping, an order bump and two upsells. I am absolutely thrilled that I have the process ironed out, including the connection to kajabi to capture the emails. 

If you want the support that Lisa got, signup for Thrivecart using my partner link here.


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Disclaimer: This message does contain affiliate links meaning if you click on one of those links and end up making a purchase after doing so I might receive a small commission. I only promote products and events that I truly believe in.

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