Launch Your Online Course Without
The Tech Headache

You are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. at what you teach,

but tech isn’t your thing.

You are looking to hire an E.X.P.E.R.T.  

so you can outsource the tech and do what you do best.

Let's Chat!

You’ve got an Online Business you LOVE, a steadily growing student or customer base, and some awesome ideas for taking your business to the next level.

ONLY THING IS - You have no time!

But that's not ALL.

Technology is not your BFF… and you really don’t want to DIY.

As a result, course creation is taking way more time than you anticipated and the lead magnet which you want on your website has been sitting in draft mode for like EVER.


All of this is HOLDING YOU BACK.

As you never have enough time to complete all the critical tasks of CONTENT CREATION, CLIENT SUPPORT, or SHOWING UP AS AN EXPERT.

I can help you SAVE TIME and MOVE FORWARD today by taking all the TECH of course creation off your plate.

I can help set-up your Course, Website, Landing pages, Email marketing, and all the other integrations to make the software work as planned.

With all the TECH SUPPORT behind the scenes, you will gain back all the time you need to serve your clients and students.

Hello there!

Hi, I'm Sneha

I’m a Strategy and  Support Specialist with a passion for helping entrepreneurs conquer their dreams of launching an online course without the TECH OVERWHELM.



My Philosophy

Create genuine relationships, give all my clients the best experience and capture lifelong memories.

My  Superpower  Is.....

Integrating the TECH you need STRATEGICALLY so that you have an online presence that shares your message and mission with the world loud and clear.

Your Journey Starts Here

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My Client's Have Things To Tell You...

I had a huge learning curve creating my first online course, especially since I was using video and doing most of the design work.  I knew I didn't have the bandwidth to learn a new platform and didn't want that to be a barrier to my getting my course live.  I knew the best course of action was to find someone who could beautifully put all of it together on Kajabi.

Sneha made getting my course on Kajabi a snap.  She had a comprehensive outline of all content required down to image size, text length, etc., for her to build out my course online.  She saved me so much time and stress, and made the process feel easy and approachable.
Sneha has a no nonsense approach.  She  ALWAYS delivered faster than I expected and helped me problem solve.  I appreciate her get down to business attitude.  I was concerned that having her across the world might make it challenging to match up schedules, but that was never an issue.  She was usually waiting for me to get her something, never the other way around :)
Sneha's service is money well spent and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for assistance in getting your dream into the world.  

Sneha was an absolute DREAM to work with. After our initial consultation call, I knew she was knowledgeable about and comfortable with the technology help I needed!

 Sneha helped me understand how to strategize to achieve my goals, and then she was incredibly methodical, fast, and thorough at implementing that strategy. I understand how to move forward in ways I couldn’t before.

 Honestly, if I didn’t hire her, I’d still be struggling with help desks, integration, and details.

 She took care of everything. I will most certainly hire her again for help!

 Thank you, Sneha!

Jen Liddy
# Amy Porterfield Student

If you want to ask a question before you book a call feel free to send me a message here.


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