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My Ride or Die Business Tools

I am often asked about the tools I use in my business... so that made me feel that this is a good blog idea. 

I have figured out what works for me and serves my purpose over a period, so I really hope this helps you.

These tools that I am now going to mention have worked the BEST for me, after a couple of hits and misses.

I rely on them because they’ve taken so much burden off my shoulders☺. Without them, I don’t know how I’d manage my business with sooo much multitasking involved...

Let’s dive into each one of them... are you ready?


1.) Kajabi

Kajabi RUNS my whole business, I mean literally.

How can I not talk about Kajabi? It’s MY LIFELINE.          

It houses my website, my opt-in funnels, my sales funnels, my products and I even use Kajabi for email marketing. 

It’s one of the best investments I have made in my business.

If you want to know more about Kajabi and its features, read my blog by clicking here.


2.) Canva

When running a business, you need a lot of cool graphics, and hiring a graphic person on a retainer is not a pocket-friendly option. 

This is the reason I chose Canva as my Graphic Design app of choice.

Canva has everything that you’ll need for exceptional graphic design.

With endless well-designed templates, millions of pictures, innumerable fonts, I promise you, you will find something that fits your purpose.

I use it for EVERYTHINGGG. You can make presentations, videos, thumbnails, logos, insta posts- WHAT NOT!!

I use the paid version, coz I need 2 features that are only available on the paid version.

1) Resizing your images

2) Transparent images. 

But it is so worth it.

3.) Book Like A Boss

TIME is the most important asset for an entrepreneur and you don’t wanna spend that valuable time back and forth with clients/ prospects to come up with a common time that suits both of you...The solution to that is a scheduler, one that I use is Book like a boss.

This all-in-one booking platform lets you make bookings the BOSS WAY!

I like the fact that the pages look unique and can be customized to our taste…

Their team works really hard behind the scenes to keep improving the product.

It will only take you about 30 mins for the initial set up and then everything else is automated.

I also take payments for my paid strategy calls on this app. Super easy to do and no admin work is involved.

Gone are the days when you used to double book and sometimes even forget that you had a meeting! BLAB syncs with your calendar so you never miss a meeting! ☺ 

I like it because I can set BLAB to send multiple reminders to clients before the meeting. 

Rescheduling and Cancelling are also very easy on the app.

If you wanna read more about Book like a Boss, then read my blog post here.



4.) Loom

Loom is an app that allows you to screen record and also your face at the same time, I need to do quick videos all the time for my clients. And I love loom for it, it is easy and quick.

I also use it to record all my videos. 

You can also make basic edits to your video on the app itself.

I use the paid version of the app.


5.) Dropbox

Can there ever be too much storage space for an Entrepreneur? I think not.

I also use Dropbox, I need both coz, some of my clients have their material in Dropbox and some have it in Google drive.

I use the paid version of Dropbox.

Dropbox isn’t like your ordinary storage system... let me tell you what makes it exceptional.

With Dropbox, you can have all your collaborations and content available in one place! This helps you optimize your existing workflow and also transform your folders.

It’s the ultimate storage platform, preferred by so many entrepreneurs. 

It is a paid app and has 3 plans- Professional, Standard, and Advanced. 

6.) Slack

I discovered slack a year ago through a client and have not looked back ever since.

It makes me communicate with my clients and my team in a very efficient way.

It has made communication, a cakewalk. It lets me make as many channels as I want.  I make a private channel for each of my clients and we keep all communications inside that channel.

Communication is the key. That is why you need a good messaging app.

You can have all communication channels accessible in one place.

Slack has been a real game-changer... you can communicate quickly and find any conversation thread at the time of need.

Currently, I use the free version of Slack but will upgrade to the paid one shortly. 


 7.) Wave Video

Video making is not my expertise, but we know that VIDEO content is needed in our businesses on repeat.

I like the Wave app it assists us in making videos for social media, emails, websites, blogs... what not?

It also lets you customize templates, style your videos and add audio clips too!

And if, on some days, you run out of ideas, it’ll act as a bank of ideas for you ☺

You can take your video marketing skills higher and higher with Wave Video!

8.) G Suite

I use G Suite for my work emails; I love the fact that it comes with a simple Gmail interface and I get so many features for a small investment of 8 USD / month.


9.) ThriveCart 

I use Thrivecart as my cart.

I choose to invest in it for several reasons.

First, it won’t ask the user to create an account on purchase. (This is a feature I wanted to have)

It can do fancy upsells and downsells, plus it lets you offer OPTIONS on the cart page.

I feel it is a no-brainer investment when you can get lifetime access just for $495 for the Standard Version and $690 for the PRO version which has affiliate features as well.

You can check it out here.

I also have written a detailed review blog post on it which you can find here.

There are so many more tools that I use but these are the top 10 tools that I use the most.

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