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Book Like A Boss: Pricing, Review and Features [May 2022]

Book Like A Boss Scheduling Platform: Review

Are you a coach or a consultant looking for a scheduling tool to help you book those zoom calls without the never-ending back and forth of finding a suitable time that works for you and your client?

Do you have an offer that you want to sell asap but don’t want to build a website or buy one of those expensive shopping carts?

If you said YES, Then listen up! 

Book Like a Boss is the tool you are looking for.

Book Like a Boss (BLAB) is just the right tool for all your business needs. Let me take you through certain features to assist you in figuring out if BLAB suits your needs. 

Book Like A Boss [BLAB]: What Is It? 

Book Like A Boss is a web-based platform for scheduling appointments and selling products and services online through a simple yet effective booking page.

All this can be done efficiently and effectively without complicated websites and expensive shopping carts.

Who Is Book Like A Boss Meant For?

This scheduling platform opens its doors to almost everyone.

If you identify yourself as an Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant, Freelancer, or Service Provider or you want something for your side hustle, this platform is for you.

It could be used by those who want to sell a product or a service, or by those who simply are spending a lot of time going back and forth to schedule meetings.

The founders of Book Like A Boss, say it is for those who have a bossitude mindset (boss-like attitude), those who want to take charge of themselves and their business. 

Book Like A Boss Uses: Let’s look at how we can use this scheduling tool.

Effective Calendar System

You should automate all these tasks that are eating into your productive time.

  1. Manually booking appointments
  2. Manually cancelling and rescheduling calls
  3. Manually sending (and sometimes forgetting) appointment reminders
  4. Manually sending invoices and payment reminders

Say no more to headache-inducing manual back and forth of booking calls.

With this software, you will never have the problem of accidentally double-booking yourself, which we all have done at some point.

Like a good assistant, Book Like A Boss allows your people to book calls with you with ease.

Some great features of the scheduling system are listed below.


You could set up email reminders and SMS reminders. This decreases the chances of people failing to show up on the call. We need to do the best we can to make sure people turn up on those calls and this feature makes it easy for us.


You can send up to 5 follow-up emails after your call is over. It can be spread across days, weeks, months.

Synchronizing with calendars:

It allows you to sync the scheduler with your calendar. 

Time zone detection allows your clients around the globe to check your availability in their time zones.

Reschedule/ Cancel Meetings:

It is very easy to cancel or reschedule your meetings. There is also an ability to Limit rescheduling or cancelling of booking to a certain set of days/hours before the booking scheduled time. So no more letting people cancel at the last minute. So handy!


It helps you set padding time between appointments. Padding makes sure you have sufficient time in between bookings. We all need coffee and loo breaks. Don't we?

Create Meeting in Zoom when a call is booked:

You don’t have to create a meeting manually every time there is a new booking. It all happens automatically in the backend. Such a time saver!

Max Cutoff Days:  

If you don’t want people to book you over 15 days in advance, you can do that. You can choose how many days into the future can someone book this appointment.

Number Of Participants :

You can choose how many people can join a certain kind of call, if you have a call with a client and then she wants her VA to join then you can set the call to allow 2 participants.

Limit number of bookings per day : 

You can choose what is the maximum number of calls you would like booked in a day, once those number of bookings are done the tool will show you as unavailable. You don't run the risk of overbooking yourself.

Manual Approval:

If you don’t want to auto-approve some bookings, paid or free, you can choose that option for any or all your offers. This allows you to reject appointment requests with those who you consider to be not good fits.

Custom Message Display:

You can choose the message that is displayed to them once they make a booking with you. You can send them to an external page as well.

Cut off period:

Cutoff makes sure you have adequate time to prepare for a new booking. So if, for example, you select a 4-hour cutoff you won't be bookable without at least a 4-hour warning. I find this feature so handy, as I don’t like surprises.

Different Kinds of calls:

You can choose different duration of calls based on the different kinds of calls you have. Discovery calls may be 15 mins and strategy calls maybe 45 mins and you can individually choose what duration each call is. You can create unlimited call types.

Look Busy: 

In case you are a newbie and don’t have a lot of calls booked, and want to show your calendar a little busy, that is also an option. Fake it till you make it, as they say! 

Time off:

We all need time off if there is a period you don’t want to take any calls. You can block that time on your calendar by using the “NEW TIME OFF EVENT” feature and then they can’t book you for that stipulated time. Awesome, right? 

Booking Schedule:

You can set what times each week you are available for calls. You can be available only 2 days a week or only a few hours every day. There are two kinds of settings here, one is global and one is individual. So there is full control over what you want the person on the other side to see. If you want to show availability for one kind of call but not for the others. There is complete flexibility for that.

Embedding Option:

If you have an existing website, then you can always embed a calendar on your website. It is a very easy process.


Apart from a scheduler feature, Blab can take payments also for your services or products, so let's talk about that.

Click here to get started with a FREE Trial! 

2) Sell with less hassle - Book Like a Boss Payment Integrations

Book Like a Boss allows you to sell digital products, services, and live or online events to the world with ease, without the hassle of creating an entire website or spending on an expensive shopping cart.

It gives you payment options allowing you to receive payments from around the world with ease.

You can connect ‘Book like a Boss’ with Square, Stripe, or Paypal. Bookings are even done OFFLINE!

Book like a boss takes no extra commission if you use them to take payments.

You can offer Coupons for your digital products and services:

Coupons are an excellent marketing tool! Create coupons that your customers can use to receive a discount when ordering one of your products or services.

Click here to get started with a FREE Trial! 


3 ) Custom landing pages: 

Book like a boss allows you to create different landing pages for each of your booking types or offer types.

This is a completely customizable page, you can add video, descriptions,  images, testimonials, FAQ, etc for each booking/offer type. You can customize it to match your brand colours.

This is a game-changer, it can work as a mini-website if you don't have a website yet, and updating this page is so much easier than updating a website.

Some other key features

  • Languages: The App is available in five languages namely English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch

  • Client list: It allows you to export the list of your clients - Add them to your email list so that you can send them relevant emails.

  • GDPR compliant: Customer data is secure when you use Booklikeaboss

  • Booking list: Provides you with a list of all your bookings- Perfect for reporting.

  • Third-party Integrations: Book like a boss integrates with a lot of third-party tools.

Benefits of using Book Like A Boss: My Take

Saves time:

Well, a major challenge for any professional scheduling a meeting is the amount of time it takes going back and forth with clients trying to find a time and date that works for both.

Hence, using BLAB to book calls, take payments and send reminders saves a considerable amount of time each day. You can send SMS reminders as well.

Easy to use: 

The platform is quite intuitive and easy to use. If you need help there is a tutorial library that can help you get unstuck.


Great first impression:

For a small business, being organized makes a great first impression. Having an automated way of booking calls and taking payments creates that right first impression.


I love the way I can customize everything about my bookings, products, and service pages.

It allows you a level of complexity or simplicity, as I wish. You can start simple and get fancy later.

Value for money: Book Like a Boss Pricing

Book Like a Boss offers a two-week trial without the need for your credit card details. The two-week trial is non-obligatory!

It also offers two months free with a yearly subscription.

Basic: It is billed monthly for $19 or, if annually, for $7 per month.

Ideal for: Those who want unlimited appointment bookings.

Small: Monthly $19 or, if annually, $15.83 per month.

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs who want to sell their services.

Big: Monthly $29 or, if annually, $24.16 per month.

Ideal for: Those who want advanced marketing options.

Over to you: Final Verdict

The market is so saturated with scheduling tools. But Book Like a Boss provides a complete solution to schedule interviews, appointments, or calls, and we can even use it to make payments for our products and services.

This software enables you to schedule group sessions, one-on-one sessions, Interviews with utmost convenience.

If you are still hesitant, perhaps you could opt for the two-week no-obligation trial period which will help you make an informed first-hand decision.

Looks like a buy, doesn’t it?

Click here to get started with a FREE Trial! 


Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links meaning if you click on one of those links and end up making a purchase after doing so I might receive a small commission. I only promote products and events that I truly believe in. 

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