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Live or Evergreen Launch Models

Live or Evergreen Launch Models- Which one is for you?

Have you created an online course and are wondering how to sell it?

Launching an online course is like a puzzle, and each part of the puzzle needs to fit perfectly for it to work.

When you’re ready to share your course to the world, there’s a lot of excitement, true, but there’s also tons of anxiety. You don’t know how much it’ll sell, how many people will be interested, or what kind of reaction it’ll elicit from your audience.

And what if you DON’T LAUNCH at all? In that case your product will keep sitting in the online shop for DAYS, MONTHS, and YEARS together, and no one will check it out. Because no one knows! 

And if this doesn’t scare you, my friend, then I don’t know what will.

For someone who is new, “launching” may just be uploading course content and waiting for sales! But there’s so much more pain that goes into it… read on to know more about launching strategies…

They’re of 2 KINDS of Launch Styles - Live Launching and Evergreen Launching.

Let’s get into the depth of WHAT they are and what ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES they come with…

Are you with me??!

  • Live Launching This is when you make your course available only for a LIMITED duration of time. If you choose this model, you will have a specific window when people can buy your course, making it time-sensitive

This is good for people who want all their students to start at the same time.

Your course is available for purchase ONLY in that specific slot. So if they snooze, they lose!

A great model for pushing procrastinators to take action NOW.

This mode of launching requires a good pre-launch period. Pre Launching is when you create the buzz of something exciting coming up!

You smartly place teaser content, get in front of your ideal customers, share tons of value, share freebies, ALL THIS TO CREATE A BUZZ FOR YOUR UPCOMING COURSE.

Actively being seen on different platforms generates that buzz that we need for a live launch.

When Live launching you can offer special early bird offers to encourage them at the very beginning of the cart open phase.

Pre Launch then moves into the launch period when you do some kind of free training with a pitch at the end. Email marketing plays a vital supporting role in a live launch model.

You can choose the number of times you live launch in a year, it is up to you. You can do it once in a quarter, once in 6 months, or even just once a year. 

If this idea wasn’t SO fab, do you think Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Stu Mcclaren among so many others would’ve chosen it? 

People literally wait for their course to open!

THAT is the kind of positioning you work towards so that people wait for your course to open, so they can enroll.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this model.


  1. Helps you create a sense of urgency and scarcity- When anything is made available for only a limited period, we feel it’s gonna finish soon or that there is less of that thing. So we feel a sense of urgency like we need to act fast. This motivates people to act before the cart CLOSES.
  2. Reach a larger audience- Since you are putting so much effort into your pre-launch, and launch. You have a wider audience reach.
  3. Large Revenue Spikes- This launch model gives you a good cash injection in your business at once. As a lot of people enroll at the same time. 


  1. Requires more bandwidth- Since you need to fire on all cylinders you need more bandwidth for this kind of a launch model.


Now let's look at the Evergreen Launch Model.

  • Evergreen Launching- In this model, your course is sold throughout the year! People can buy your course at any time of the year.

This model is a great pick when you don’t want to do an intensive live launch and want your product to be available at all times.

In an evergreen model we set up a funnel in advance and we then take all our prospects through it via automation.

Freebies are what you use at the top of your funnel and then they are taken through a whole process where you offer them free content leading to a paid offer.( All automated)

The great thing about this funnel type is that there is no manual work you need to put in as everything is happening behind the scenes via your pre-set automation.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this model.


  1. Less manual labour: in this launch model you do not need to put in the manual work.

      2. Regular Cash Flow:  This launch model gives you regular cash flow as you are always selling.

      3.Helps people join right away- Course is available for your students to join at any time. They don’t need to wait for months together 


  1. No element of scarcity- When people think your course is available all the time, they don’t feel the rush to DECIDE now. Which may be good for them, but NOT for you. Having an element of scarcity makes them feel that there are limited seats and they need to be FASTTT…

  2. HIGH TECH- Evergreen launches are high on tech. There is a lot of tech integration that is going on behind the scene.

Both these launch models work, choose one that works for you. I hope I have helped you make that decision.

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