Strategy Session

You have got Bazillion things on your TO - DO list.

A list of all the things you need to do in order to make this ONLINE thing work.

A list of all the different tools that you think you may need to run your  online business.

You want to create a course, start an online service based business but have some questions left unanswered.

Sometimes you feel  you are putting cart before the horse . 

I get that, you have got a lot to figure out to make this happen.

I know how it is on the other side, because I have so been there ! 

Confusion,Overwhelm Fear of making costly mistakes among many other things.

Would a strategy call with someone who knows how all of this work benefit you?

Do you want someone to brainstorm with you?

On these calls I dig deep and find out more about you and your business and give you a roadmap that you need to implement without worrying about other things that people are doing or what others say you should do.

You will have a personalized plan of action to walk away with.

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Monique Shurray
# Amy Porterfield Student


If you want to ask a question before you book a call feel free to send me a message here.



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