write a thank you page for your opt-in funnel

How to write a thank you page for an Opt-In Funnel

If you don’t have an optimized thank you page for your Opt-in Funnel, you are hurting your business growth.

Like many Entrepreneurs, you may not be giving a lot of attention to what goes on your thank you page.


Thank you pages are crucial because here is where you tell them what to do next.

Are you ready to write the perfect thank you page?

Let’s a look at how to write a perfect thank you page

1.) Confirmation Message.

The first job of a thank you page is to confirm that the action they took went through.

You don't want to leave them wondering, "Did I do it right?"

A simple, “Thank you for subscribing !” or " We got your details" will do.


2.) Call to Action.

Now that you’ve confirmed that the transaction was successful, it is time to add a Call To Action, also known as a CTA.

Here, it should be to ask your new subscriber to look for that freebie that they requested.

  • You can tell them what to look for in their inbox.
  • Tell them the subject line of the email that they should have got.
  • Ask them to check their SPAM folder if they don't see the email in their primary inbox.

CTA is an essential aspect because research has shown that 90% of those who read your headline, are likely to go through your CTA copy as well. It is hence important to make it impressive.


3.) Request for whitelisting your email.

To make sure they get your FREE weekly content, it is important that they keep getting your emails in their primary inbox.

So ask them to whitelist your email address.

You can give some instructions on how to do that if you feel your audience will know how to do that.


4.) What to do if they don’t receive your freebie.

This can happen, so tell them what to do if this happens.

Tell them to send you an email at your EMAIL ID mentioning they did not receive the freebie so that you can send it to them manually.

This is the script I use on my thank you page. Get inspired.

Thank You, we got your details.

Now check your email inbox… I sent you something special, with the subject line " {Download} Your FREE guide on How to Optimize your podcast show notes for the Win" is here

Please check your SPAM folder if you do not see my email in your inbox and remember to whitelist my email address so we can be in touch.

If you do not receive the freebie in 10 mins, please email me at [email protected] and I will fix it for you.

Other Options (Recommended)

1) Include Video on the thankyou page (helps in building the like, know, and trust factor super fast) don't add a video on your thank you page if your Opt-In page has a video.

2) Invite them to join your free community. (In most cases it will be a FREE FB group)

Like I did for a client here.


🚫❌ Never give the download on a thank you page.❌🚫

This is a very common mistake I see happening, you don't want to give the download on the thank you page because you want to train them to look for content from you that comes in emails.

Plus this is the PERFECT time to get them to whitelist your emails.



1) Get them to go to their email inbox and download your freebie.

2) Make them whitelist your email

3) Train them to open your emails.

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