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Below are some of my fav resources, I have bought from all of them and recommend them highly.

🙅‍♀️ Tired of having “write email sequences” on your todo list? 

Yeah, I was too.

That’s why I finally went looking for an easier way to do them. Someone recommended a course called Relationship & Revenue.

Holy moly, it was WAY BETTER than I expected! 

There are a ton of templates. 

It is such a good course (and so underpriced) that I wanted to share it with you. 

Here is the list of templates you get in this course:

  • Welcome Email Series (3 emails)
  • Product Launch Email Series (6 emails)
  • Story Sell Series (3 emails)
  • Surprise Sale Series (5 emails) 
  • Testimonials Gathering (1 email & questions to ask) + so much more.

    $37 only 

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Conversion copy without the custom price tag

Shop All Copy Templates

Use these templates to write your copy quicker and start selling your damn thing already.

Investment starts at $50 

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Write a welcome sequence that works*

*gets people to open your newsletters, engage with what you send, and buy when you sell*

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If you have trouble figuring out what to send to your list every week then consider this monthly membership, she sends you an email template every week which you can tweak and send to your subscribers, it basically solves the problem of what to send every week.

Only 9 / month

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