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Evergreen Launch Model

How to launch with Evergreen Launching Model!

You have finallllyyy finished creating your online course YAY!!! 🎉

But now you are burning the midnight oil thinking…"HOW to sell this thing 😱.”

Just imagine all the hard work of designing your course and now struggling to figure out how to get it out to the world… ugghhhhhh! NO. 

Let me make this easier for you.

Have you ever heard about EVERGREEN LAUNCHING before? No?

Let me introduce you to the “evergreen” launching model, something that NEVER goes out of style. It is so evergreen that the name of the model is also EVERGREEN… I mean… What are the chances?!

It’s the perfect best friend for any entrepreneur, they rave about it and how!

In a nutshell, the Evergreen launch model lets you sell your course all throughout the year, every single day.

Of course, serious strategizing is involved. Don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging, I will lay it all for you ahead.

First off let me tell you Evergreen launching is amazing. Really, I mean it. 

There is just something special about it. It’ll open up a new world of opportunities for you.

There is one thing you have to remember, When something’s available all around the year, it is difficult to add an element of urgency /scarcity to it, but fret not, it can be done with some special tools which are easily available for us all. ( Big THANKS to the software developers who have developed great tools we can use)

I have listed below all the ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS of an Evergreen Launch. Make sure you incorporate each of them in the right order in your funnel, and you’ll be good to go.

These will be your HOLY GRAIL elements, make sure you treat them like that too. Pay attention to the tiniest of details, and in no time you’ll have visitors turn into customers!


Here are the Stages of Evergreen Launch Model

1st Stage: An irresistible freebie -

Your freebie is top of your funnel, cast a wider net with your freebie.

Give away something irresistible as your freebie. So that you get many people into your funnel.

In an evergreen funnel, your freebie needs to be 100% relevant to your course. Your course should be a deeper dive and a logistical next step.

When you create a strategic freebie, you will have a higher chance of converting them later on in your funnel. 

Just to prove my point here, let me also tell you that researches have shown that 75% people in the age group of 18-25 are likely to purchase because of a freebie! 😎


2nd Stage: Email Sequence-

Your freebie should be delivered via an email and then you should also send a few emails to nurture them, the nurture sequence can have a variety of emails, emails with valuable content + content to position you as a subject matter expert of your topic and build the like, know and trust factor simultaneously.


3rd Stage:

Free Training- This is the 3rd stage of the funnel where you invite the people into a more detailed training session.

Training can be delivered via a video series, a challenge, or a webinar. 

In short: Here you give them valuable content and then pitch them on your offer.

4th Stage:

Sales Emails

Some people need an extra push. The info you shared about your offer in the free training is not enough. They need more convincing, and that’s why email marketing exists!

You need to draft a string of emails to be sent to all who registered for your free training.

The emails should convey the transformation and the benefit they can expect from your offer.

Your email subject must carry the gist of what you want to say, and the opening sentence should be mind-blowing! Only then will they continue to read through.

Boring opening and you’ve lost your chance.

Very few people open it, even lesser who go through it, and much lesser who take ACTION and BUY. This is how it works, it is a funnel, remember.

You need a good incoming traffic source for evergreen funnels to work.

If you are looking for some help in drafting your launch emails, then you can look at these templates here.

And and and, before I go, let me give you a BONUS TIP (You know, as a thank you for reading through till the end… haha)

You can use deadline funnels to create real urgency.

These are essential if you want your passive buyers to become active clients! Such kind of offers help in evoking a sense of scarcity which is otherwise lacking in this model.

They feel the sudden urge to “buy now” and “hurry”, you know? Tell them that the offer is available for a veryyyy short period and they need to ACT NOW. Works well with people who tend to procrastinate on the buying decision.

These help you by setting off a timer, or a countdown, or a limited quantity scenario for your course- all to compel people to BUY NOW.

To know more about deadline funnels go here.

Evergreen launching is a great model.

It’s smooth-flowing once you have all components in place. Testing and tweaking are given to keep optimizing your funnel.

In the evergreen model, there is no launch week stress- which is quite a big deal! It’s these bits and pieces of advice that’ll drive it home.

Get your system in place RIGHT NOW, so you can relax later once the sales pour in!

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