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3 Essential features of an irresistible FREEBIE

Wonder what are the features of a freebie that's irresistible?

Someone has parted with their email address to get your free lead magnet, and in exchange, you want to give them something of immense value.

And for that to happen, you’ll need some tips! That is exactly where I come into the picture!

Since I have been there, done that… I know what works the BEST.

Come…Do hang in there, and stick till the end to find out what these tips are…

Here are the features of an Irresistible Freebie:

#1 Solves ONE problem 

People are on your website because they have a problem that is messing with their minds. 

Give it a good thought and come up with ONE pressing problem most people visiting your site have. 

Don't solve a lot of their problems with 1 freebie. (Trying to do this is a disaster)

Your freebie should be focused on solving that ONE specific problem.

The one that keeps them up at night.

Do your research and come up with that 1 problem you can help with like a true Rockstar.

Not 3, not 2, JUST 1.

#2 Make it easy to consume 

Your free content should give them a quick win, so they feel interested to learn more about what you do.

Bigger is not always better.

A 50-page e-book is not better than a 10-page pdf guide.

Make sure your freebie is easy to consume and implement and gives them a quick win.

That’s all you need and you’re done. 

Not always does slow and steady win the race, sometimes it is the short and sweet winning the race!!


#3 Congruency with the overall message of your BRAND.

Your freebie should lead to your paid offers.

Your freebie should not help with problems that your paid offers don't solve at a deeper level.

They should be interlinked.

And if it is the opposite, and both are NOT in accordance with each other, then there is a huge ISSUE here. As your freebie is not doing the job, it should for you as a business owner.

Through your freebie, they should feel YOU are someone who has a solution to their problem and they would like to work with you in a paid capacity when they are ready.

When clouds of distress spread across their mind, be the ray of hope and shine through, friend!


There you go, before you realised, you already have 3 pro tips to note before you plan your first or next freebie. 

These are the tips that no one will straight up come and tell you, people talk about less important things like the design and the freebie ( Video, PDF, Ebook) but this is the MOST important thing, my friend.

When in doubt, step in your prospect’s shoes. You’ll see how everything falls into place.

Because- sometimes all you need is a little perspective!

They need something that is quick to consume, actionable and also they want to know that YOU know your stuff and can help them get results if they choose to work with you further.

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