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- Looking to add Online Courses to your product arsenal?

- Full of amazing ideas but needs that extra push with the 'tech' or 'design' side of things?

- Is passionate about their business, but needs direction in building a successful online business.

- Feels like they need more hours in a day?



Hi, I'm Sneha

Iā€™m a Strategy and Support Specialist with a passion for helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams of launching an online course without the TECH OVERWHELM.

How I got here

I started my business because I wanted the freedom to travel with my husband on his long-term assignments abroad without having to worry about becoming a stay at home again.

It was always a tough decision for me when I had to choose between staying back in my home country and continue to do my thing ( running my brick and mortar business ) while my husband was away... across the globe in a time zone that was the complete opposite to mine.


Choose to travel with him but that meant saying goodbye to my business for extended periods of time.

I had done this couple of times before and I was not ready to let go of one for the other ONE MORE TIME.

I knew the pain of RE-starting is like building a completely new business from ground zero.

I wanted BOTH, I wanted to travel with my husband so we could be together as a family and at the same time wanted to have a successfully thriving business that does not get impacted by where I am..( geographically)

I wanted to be able to work from anywhere, I wanted LOCATION- independence.

This is how I got started with my ONLINE BUSINESS.

This has been the BEST – DECISION I ever made second to marrying my husband which was a long while ago now.

Now that I had decided what I wanted to do…it was time to learn the tricks of the trade.

I pride on calling myself a Bschool Alumni ( Business Program run by Marie Forleo) She is the person from whom I learned the ropes of Online Business.

And I upskilled my knowledge by Enrolling in Amy Porterfield’s Courses That Convert Program. ( Now known as Digital Course Academy)

Like most Online Entrepreneurs I have taken loads of other online courses but these have had a major impact on me and have shaped me into who I am today.

And the path to learning has never stopped, I spend a lot of my time, money, and resources on up-skilling so that I can serve my clients better.

I have created this place for you to feel supported in your online journey as I know it can get very lonely. I am here to offer the support and assistance you need to reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

On a different note-

Audible and Kindle are my go-to apps on my phone …apart from the social media apps of course šŸ˜‰.

My bedside table always has a book, an earphone, a bottle of water, and a hand cream.

My favorite books are Rework, Do the Work, and Gifts of Imperfection.

Most of my work time is spent building Sales Funnels, Website, or in 

I specialize in the Kajabi platform and offer Done For You Implementation, One to One Training and Strategy Sessions.

If you are looking for help in either of those areas then book a call using the link below.




I Want To Get In Touch

Love Note From My Clients

“I love working with Sneha Hiremath! She is professional, knowledgable, and efficient.

Since this was my first time outsourcing, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but our communications have all been timely and fluid— and I feel so supported by her. She patiently guided me through the many choices for Kajabi websites until we had one with the functionality I needed.

 Sneha even created instruction videos to show me how to work with apps that were new to me. She is a good teacher and a real gem! I highly recommend her…”

Lindsay Whiting

I Want To Get In Touch

If you want to ask a question before you book a call feel free to send me a message here.


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