Podcast Courses

If you are a beginner or a professional in your Podcasting Journey - The Podcast courses mentioned below can help you!

*Some of the courses might have affiliate link.

In Depth Podcast Courses 

If you want a course to take you through the A - Z of podcasting,
then the ones mentioned below are FOR YOU! 
detailed podcast course


The Podcast Launch Accelerator 🚀

Everything you need to launch a Top 200 podcast in 60 days or less, including a complete online course, ready-to-use templates and checklists, and live weekly group coaching with a small community of fellow new podcasters.

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podcast course in detail

Create, Grow, & Monetize your own podcast with us by your side

Join an exclusive membership community with everything you need to create, grow, and monetize your podcast. Click the button below to learn more.

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Mini Courses to Boost Your Podcast

If you are already further along in your podcasting journey and just need to fill in some gaps like - Marketing, Monetizing or Podcast Production then, these smaller podcast courses are just the RIGHT FIT!
start your podcast

The Podcast Kickstart Program

Get clarity on your podcast goals, topic, name, format, and all the equipment you need to start recording ASAP without feeling overwhelmed.

Find your unique point of view and start a podcast that empowers others, builds your authority, attracts loyal fans, and makes a difference.

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easy podcast production

Stress-Free Podcast Production

You'll be taught how to prep, record, edit, and publish high-impact podcast episodes that create raving fans (and even buyers). 

This is perfect for pre-launch and early-stage podcasters, or anyone hoping to become a podcast VA.


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making money from podcast

Podcast To Paycheck:

Making Money from Podcast

Even with a small audience, you can learn which podcast monetization strategies are right for you!

From sponsorship to affiliate marketing, merchandise, memberships, and more for your podcast monetization!

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finding guests for podcast

Booked Out Podcast:

Find Guests for your Podcast

Learn how to find, pitch, and book perfectly-suited guests for your podcast, even if you have no insider connections.

Includes the templates that can be used to pitch guests + a directory of guests in the community.

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marketing for podcast

Podcast Marketing Essentials:

  • Create a podcast website or webpage (without any coding).
  • Choose your social media channels.
  • Create a marketing strategy to build your podcast audience and find new listeners.
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