Do You Suffer from BLANK SCREEN SYNDROME When You Sit Down to Write Your Sales Page?

Have you ever sat in front of a blinking cursor wishing words would magically write themselves?

With great enthusiasm, you sit down to write your sales page copy & then BOOM.

Nothing happens…the words don't flow on the screen as you thought they would.

You feel lost and overwhelm takes over.

You feel like a 5th grader who's been given an essay to write and is struggling to even get started, UGH!


You start second-guessing everything you do.  

Imposter Syndrome creeps in.

You go from being EXCITED about your new offer to thinking if you should SCRAP it and continue doing things you are good at.

In comes SELF DOUBT...

Feels like a perfect time to shut your laptop, grab a snack, and binge-watch Netflix.

Let me tell you - you're not alone.

Writing with a BLANK CURSOR staring at you isn't easy.

I've been on many teams and writing a sales page is often the biggest ROADBLOCK to putting the offer out there.

A sales page requires some HEAVY DUTY persuasive copywriting.

It needs to be attention-grabbing, informative, and persuasive all at the same time.

HOW ON EARTH are you supposed to write it if you have never written copy like that before?

It is NOT the same as blog writing.

People spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to learn how to write conversion copy.

The pro copywriter that you admire has probably read dozens of books, + taken a lot of courses and tried and failed many times before they became comfortable writing sales copy.

So my sweet friend, please do NOT let OVERWHELM, SELF DOUBT, and
the feeling of not knowing ENOUGH,
bog you down and distract you from your GOAL of launching your offer.

Imagine, what would it be like if you were able to write a sales page that:

has jaw-dropping-have to-buy-it-copy?

  ticks all the boxes of how a persuasive sales page should be written.

is full of copy you are so FREAKING PROUD of!

If you are nodding your head, YES, YES, YES, this is what I would LOVE to have...

...then the SOLUTION that you have been LONGING for is here my friend just a click away.


Mockup of Pitch Perfect Sales Page

The step-by-step framework for entrepreneurs who are ready to write high converting sales page copy without hiring an expensive copywriter.

Perfect for Course Creators, Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, Bloggers etc.

 for only $97


Discover the secret to writing high converting sales page copy

This guide

  • will be that friend who holds your hand through the process.
  • will walk you through, section by section on what to write on your sales page.

In this guide, you will find

  • the entire sales page mapped out for you.
  • swipe worthy headline formulas.
  • impactful sub-header prompts.
  • plug and play section templates for your sales page, so that you have them in the right sequence.
  • exercises to get clarity on your ideal customer avatar, unique value proposition, course promise and much more.

+you get these special bonus also

The Editing Tool box

Handy resource on how to edit your sales page like a PRO.

A guide on how to write highly effective button copy.

In this guide you will find the WHY, behind every section you write, because I don't believe in the HERD mentality.

I do believe in NOT reinventing the wheel, but I always like to understand the WHY behind things I am told to do.

I always explain the WHY behind the strategies I am suggesting.

My clients LOVE it, as they feel empowered knowing the reason behind it.

So, I am doing the same for you my sweet friend.

Sneha Hiremath

As a #Funnel Designer, I always find myself on hour-long calls with my clients discussing what tweaks can be made to improve their sales page.

As a strategist, I strive to do all I can to make sure my clients offer converts.

Often, the sales page drafts I get from my clients have something major missing in them.

So I go back to my clients with suggestions on how to improve the copy.

When it comes to funnels, COPY is as important as design.

A fancy design won’t sell till you have COMPELLING copy on your sales page.

So I packed all I knew about CONVERSION SALES PAGE COPY in an easy to follow step by step guide.

I put this guide together so that you no longer have to play the GUESSING GAME with what to write about!

You need not take a shot in the dark writing your sales copy, praying, and hoping it works.


I put this guide together so that, you no longer have to play the GUESSING GAME, with what to write about!

You need not take a shot in the dark writing your sales copy, praying, and hoping it works.


When you follow this guide to write your copy,
You will have a sales page that is

optimized for conversions.

Your Sales Page Copy will make your IDEAL CLIENT go from

“ It's NICE ” to

Oh yes! This is EXACTLY what I want."

( searching for their credit card)

So, it is time to STOP GHOSTING on your biz goals and start SHARING YOUR EXPERTISE with those who need it the most! 

Sales Page Guide

Pitch Perfect Sales Page is not that 2 pager PDF that you downloaded from the internet.

There are plenty of guides that tell you to start with a hook, followed by the problem, then move to the solution, throw a testimonial in the mix, and end with a bright red BUY NOW button.

This is NOT one of those.

Pitch Perfect Sales Page is a comprehensive resource that guides you on what sections you should have on your sales page, how to write them and then gives you prompts to steer you in the right direction.

Here’s A Good Old Before & After:

Before you buy the Pitch Perfect Sales Page:

  • You have a product that needs to be LAUNCHED & 
    it has been on your TO-DO list forever!

  • You have NO CLUE on how to write a sales page.

  • You're frustrated that this whole "passive income" thing is taking wayyyyy longer than you would have liked.

  • You have a sales page that is NOT converting.

After Implementing Pitch Perfect Sales Page:

  • You have launched your offer: no more late nights beating yourself up for not launching.

  • You feel confident about your SALES PAGE and talk about your offer all the time ( no more sales page shame).
  • You are making MONEY from this offer and you can't wait to create another one!

  • You have a high converting sales page.

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Pitch Perfect Sales Page is perfect for course creators, coaches, and consultants who have an online course or a digital offer you want to sell. 


  • Pitch Perfect Sales Page is not for people who want their sales page written for them.
  • It is not for people who have physical products to sell.

Don’t take my word for it

"I’m Joanne Ilaqua from Mama Soup.

Recently, I purchased the Pitch Perfect Sales Page.

Prior to using the guide, I was feeling lost about what to write on my sales page and how to write it.

I had no confidence that my sales page would convert.

As the founder of a start-up, it’s really important for me to spend money on only the things that can help my business move forward quickly.

This guide saved me time by laying out my sales copy, Step By Step. Each Content Section extracted the copy that I need for a HIGH converting sales page and it helped me write it all while prompting me to create the perfect swipe Headline Copy.

The guide also helped me gain clarity on who I was serving and how I could best position my offer to them. In fact, it helped me to identify some areas of my course that I needed to add for the best student-experience.

The Pitch Perfect Sales Page gave me the confidence to launch my course and feel proud about what I was teaching."

Joanne Ilaqua of Mama Soup

"I used Sneha’s Pitch Perfect Sales Page guide to formulate my sales page content.

Simply put, if I did not have it I would have created a useless piece of content, no doubts.
I really didn’t understand all that goes into a sales page.
I might have been on the receiving end of many before
but wasn’t aware of the formula used to sell someone on something.
Her guide makes sure you covering all sorts of views and questions readers will have and then she helps you answering each of them as you work through the guide.

Hell, I wanted to buy my own offer when I finished crafting my sales page!

Brilliantly crafted and extremely insightful, just a no brainer, just BUY it today!"

Andrew Whyte

I know you will love Pitch Perfect Sales Page Guide.

However, if you’re not satisfied you may request a refund within the first 14 days of purchase.

To qualify for a refund, we ask that you email [email protected] and show that you’ve written your sales copy using this guide.
Your sales copy should follow the framework and all the prompts to write it.

You are given all the information you need about Pitch Perfect Sales Page on this page so you can make an informed decision before buying.


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