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Looking for Legal Templates for your Website?

Here are the Legal Templates that are Effective and Crafted to protect you by a Harvard Law Graduate -with all the legalities on your side.

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Course Agreement
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Get Access to all the Legal Templates for Your Online Business 

Here's what you get:

  • 20 Legal Templates
  • Access to All Future Templates
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Easy-To-Follow Video Instructions

Payment Plan - 

- Monthly Payment Plan : $97 per month for 12 Months

- One Time Payment : $997 (20% off)


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Free Template For Website Privacy Policy 

Free Template for your Privacy Policy ($0)

You also get:

A step-by-step video instructions to help you get your policy customized and on your site in no time!

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Course Agreements

Course Agreement Template

(For $247)

Protect your Online Course with this Legal Agreement Template with the legalities.

What you Get:

  • An agreement between you and your students 
  • Laying out what they get and pay + your refund policy.
  • To avoid disputes in the future, you've got to get this!
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Course Creator's Pack 

(For $497)

Protect your Online Course with this Policy Pack.

What you get:

  • Course Agreement Template+

  • Testimonial Release + 

  • Affiliate Agreement +
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
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Membership Site Legal Agreements

Online Membership Agreement ($247)

To Protect your online membership with all legal matters -

- Agreement between you and your members, 

- Laying out what they get and pay 

- Important refund cancellation policies.

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Membership Site Pack (For $497!)

Protect your Online Membership with this legal policy pack.

What you Get:

1. Online Membership Agreement +

2. Testimonial Release +

3. Affiliate Agreement +

4. Independent Contractor Agreement

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Coaching Agreements

Coaching Agreement Template ($247)

Protect your coaching relationships with this legal template.

You get basic terms between your coaching clients and you! It includes things like

- How they can access you

- How they can cancel a session, and when they are going to pay you!


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Coaching Legal Pack 

(For $818  $497!)

Protect your Coaching Business with this legal policy pack.

What You Get:
1. Coaching Agreement Template +

2. Online Course Agreement +

3. Testimonial Release +

4. Independent Contractor Agreement 

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Other Legal Website Templates

Copywriting Agreement 

Protect your Copywriting Business with this legal template.

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Client Agreement Template ($247)

Protect your client relationship with this legal template.

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Service Business Pack (For $497!)

Protect your service business with this policy pack!

What You Get:

1. Client Agreement

2. Individual Contractor Agreement

3. Employee Agreement Pack

4. Testimonial Release

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Policy Pack for your Website

(Originally $97, now just for $27)

Protect your website with this policy pack!

 Here's what you get:

1. Website terms of use

2. GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

3. Disclaimer

4. Instructional Videos

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