Kajabi Website Template

Quickly build your Kajabi website with an easy-to-use website template. No code, no stress, just beautiful, conversion focussed design to attract your dream clients & students.

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Kajabi Website Templates

Do you feel S.T.U.C.K. when it comes to designing your Kajabi site?

A website is a LOT OF WORK!

The thought of designing your site from the ground up may make you want to throw up.

Let's be real you hardly have time to shower.

Trying to do a website from scratch is adding to that O.V.E.R.W.H.E.L.M.



Launching your dream website doesn’t have to be daunting & intimidating.

Because there is an easier way.

I've done the hard work for you, so all you need to do is to add your copy, change colours and images and you are done.

Websites don't have to be overwhelming!!

Lady overwhelmed

So...Are you ready to?

Build your website without the tech and design challenges.

Have a website that is strategically designed, and created to help you book more clients and students.

Finally feel confident that your site is everything it needs to be to attract your ideal clients & students.

My Absolute Kajabi Website Templates can do all that for you. It's the solution to a professional looking website without the OVERWHELM, the TEARS, and without you having to pull ALL-NIGHTERS.

Website Template Kajabi

The Absolute website template is designed with conversion in mind, it has strategically placed list builders, calls to action, and storytelling all weaved in so that you can connect with your audience and position yourself as the expert.

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What you’ll get with your template purchase

Instant access to the member's area where all template files are waiting for you

Step-by-step tutorials to help you customize this theme to your brand

Email support from us — if you ever have a question or need help.

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kajabi designer - Sneha Hiremath

Meet your Designer

Hi, I am Sneha.

A KAJABI EXPERT AND LAUNCH STRATEGIST, with a passion for helping entrepreneurs like you realize their dreams of launching an online course without the OVERWHELM.

In the past 5 years I have helped many clients with their websites and want to help you with yours as well.

With these templates, you get the best of me but without the custom build investment.

Templates help me serve more Kajabians like you than I can with my 1-2-1 work.

I love doing custom projects but I want to help you as well if a custom build is not an option for you right now.

The Easy Steps to

Your Dream Kajabi Website: 


You complete the purchase on the next page.


You customize your website using all the resources available inside the member's area.


You launch your new website like a pro.

Here’s Why You'll Love Us:


Reason 1

The layout of each page is mapped out for you.

Reason 2

It is made keeping Strategy and User Experience in mind.

Reason 3

It is optimized for conversions.

Reason 4

There are copy prompts that will help you write/ refine your copy.

Reason 5

Canva templates are provided to you, so the job of customizing the look of the website is a breeze.


kajabi landing page templates


  • You are a course creator, consultant, content creators, coach, or service provider.

  • You want to launch your website ASAP.


  • You don't use Kajabi.

  • You want a completely custom website.

Here are full page screenshots for you

kajabi home page template

Home Page

kajabi about page template

About Page

kajabi work with me template

Work With Me

kajabi contact page template

Contact Page

Kajabi Library Page


Kajabi Blog Page

Blog Layout 1

kajabi store page


Instagram link list for kajabi

Instagram Link List

kajabi theme 404 page

404 Page

Kajabi Login Page


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This is GREAT...

but tell me how do I get this template into MY Kajabi account?

I am glad you asked: Once you complete the purchase, you will get access to the member's area, where there are videos that will show you EXACTLY how to get the theme and the landing page templates into your Kajabi account.

HINT: you have to import a zip file ( provided to you) into your Kajabi account. ( No code skills or code access needed.)

Here are a few other questions that others have asked before they purchased this template.


Happy Client using my theme

I am super pleased and proud of my new website! I'm excited to share my site with the world."

I write a lot of copy as a Virtual Assistant and writing copy is a skill that isn't easy to master. 

With Sneha's prompts in the template, I was able to use my rough draft to and polish my message.

Now I am in love with the copy that is on my website thanks to Sneha's website template.  A good website is equal parts, strategy, design and copy and Sneha's Absolute template pack takes care of all these parts of the website build.

Charlene Stackle

Happy Client using my theme

The template is comprehensive and very easy to use.

Sneha provides step-by-step instructions so we were able to create a beautiful new website easily!

We highly recommend using her template for your Kajabi website (and for your podcast!)

Susan and Erin 
for The Teachers of God Foundation 

I really enjoyed using her templates

They were very simple to use and easily customizable to create a consistent branded aesthetic across my site.

My website looks very professional but I didn’t hire out to have it made. I did it myself with the help of Sneha'a templates.

Brenda Sanders Coaching

Her content prompts made it very easy to write website copy.

I needed a website built on Kajabi but didn’t have the time to build one myself. So I bought her website templates which was great.

I also hired her for customization of the template since I was short on time.

Her content prompts made it very easy to write website copy. I highly recommend Sneha a Kajabi expert who is polite, professional, and easy to work with!

Edward Pallas

Your templates have taken my website to another level & they are so easy to use.

I have spent hours editing my Kajabi website & tried to use my own creativity to create my own style, but I would still end up failing at it every time. Your templates have taken my website to another level & they are so easy to use.

They are just that amazing. Your customer service is wonderful & I thank you for being so kind & eager to help me. You have a customer for life Sneha! Thank you for creating such amazing products for busy entrepreneurs like myself.

Alicia Perkins

Sample Sites using the Kajabi Absolute Website Template

Client's Site using the Absolute Kajabi Website Theme
Client's Site using the Absolute Kajabi Website Theme
Client's Site using the Absolute Kajabi Website Theme
Client's Site using the Absolute Website Theme
Client's Site using the Absolute Website Theme
Client's Site using the Absolute Website Theme
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Are you ready to create a website that elevates your online biz?

The website you need to convert viewers into raving customers for your business a click away.

No matter what your level of tech skills is, you’ll be able to use this template and make it your own.

You came looking for a website template that is beautiful, well structured, easy to use and budget-friendly.

This template ticks all the boxes, click the button below and get started. 

Taking action now will bring you one step closer to your dream website, moving away will put you back at the start of the line.

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Absolute Website Template


Here is what you will get:

Click HERE to view this template live


Website/System Pages

  • Store
  • Library
  • Login
  • Blog
  • Blog post
  • 404 page
  • Blog search
  • Member Directory
  • Announcements

  • Canva Templates so that you can easily swap the colours of the elements to match your brand to make it your own.

  • Video Instructions on how to use the template.

  • All the templates are optimized for Mobile📱view.
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