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Step by Step Kajabi Tutorial

What do you learn in this Kajabi tutorial

  • How to setup your Kajabi website, great tips on why some ways would be better than the other. All of the inside tips and knowledge.
  • How to create your course, or product, with flair... including how to use other services like Canva for your graphics. You'll also see real examples of courses
  • Pipelines, Website Pages, Emails, Forms - we cover it all!
  • I also help you with the conversion of your Sales Page!
  • Free Funnel Flowcharts, Privacy Policy, Roadmaps etc!


- Completely Automated Certificates for Completion - Tutorial

- Tutorial for Sending out to Customer - the Receipts automatically 

You learn the "How" and also the inside tricks! 

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Is this Kajabi Course For You?


For those people who...

  • Want to learn how to setup their Kajabi site the right way - to include how to create products and how to style them.
  • Are ready to send out emails - we discuss the differences, how do we create them and other great tips
  • Are ready to create offers - From creation through to customer journey
  • Want to learn how to create and improve checkout pages - top conversion points, setup & design
  • Interested in learning how to use forms and automations for their business.
  • Want to learn about website setup and pages - best practice tips, setup + functions.
  • Want to learn about pipelines, events, waitlists + more. We touch on the basics and setup.
  • Want to learn how to use the people section, filter use, and tips on using the customer card.
  • Want to learn about the affiliate centre, setup + suggestions.
  • Interested in using the Blog - setup, SEO best practices, layout & comments.
  • Want BONUS trainings on Funnel Diagrams, Terms & Conditions and a FREE privacy policy, Video Tips, Social Sharing.


For those people who...

  • Who are advanced Kajabi users and already know everything 😊
  • Who are wanting advanced marketing techniques.
  • Who want to learn advanced email campaigning and segmenting.
  • Who want to learn coding and css styling in Kajabi.
  • Who want custom coded checkout pages (we have a separate course for that).
  • Who want to learn advanced uses for Kajabi assessments for quizzes and segmenting

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Do you get anything more along with this Kajabi Tutorial?

Well, yes!

Course completion certificate

Automated Certificate of Completion Tutorial



This is a semi-advanced STEP BY STEP Guide which teaches you as how to automatically give your students/participants a Certificate of Completion based on their Assessment mark.

(Valued at $79)
automated receipt system

Automatically Send Receipts To Your Customers



This is a STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL teaches you how to automatically send your customers a Receipt, separately from Stripe/Paypal. It creates a demo Invoice Template on which you can put whatever you want on there. 

(Valued at $29)

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