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5 Winning Email Sequence for an Online Businesses

Email Sequences can take a person from having just met you to becoming a raving fan and a customer.

Plus you can do all this via automation. The joys of technology today. Set it and forget it.

Emails Sequences take an initial investment of time to set up but once you have done the work you can enjoy the benefits of it without lifting a finger.

The most important lesson is that you should trigger email sequences on a particular group of people.

Email sequences differ at the most basic level- “purpose”. The purpose behind the email makes them different. While some may be welcoming emails for new joiners, other emails could be for nurturing the new relationship or giving tips to clients or a sales sequence.

So even though they’re emails, they can be similar yet very different!

Every email sequence serves a different purpose.

Now let’s discuss -

The TYPES of email sequence

Lead magnet Delivery Email Sequence

These emails are sent out in the beginning, at stage one, when a person downloads your lead magnet. Since this is the first email they’ll receive after signing up for the freebie, make sure you give them what you promised.

It should start with a little personalized welcome message. Draft this email to make them feel warm and personal.

The basic motive is to make them feel glad about signing up and make sure they download the freebie and give it a go.

Follow-up Email Sequence  

When you send the lead magnet delivery email, it’s not necessary that they’ll open it and consume the content.

And that’s why follow-up emails exist! It’s reminding them that “knock-knock, still unopened!”  

Give them reasons to open the freebie, share how transformational it is and how it will help them.

Nurturing Email Sequence 

A nurture sequence email is what you need if you want your prospects to continue engaging with your content.

You can give them some additional tips and tricks and tell them a little more about yourself. So they get to know YOU better plus try to get to respond to you and share a little about themselves.

Cart Abandonment Email

When someone abandons a cart is when cart abandonment emails come into action.

These are some emails you write to them about the purchase they were about to make and tell them how it will help them solve the problem they are looking to solve.

All you need to do is make them feel confident about making the purchase, and be available if they have some questions along the way.

Re-engagement Email Sequence 

These emails are for that segment of your list that is not engaging with your content.

Here you try and get them to re-engage with you.

“I miss you” or a “comeback to us” or “where’d you go? We’re right here!” are some common subject lines for these campaigns.  

Communicating with your audience is key.

You need all or most of these sequences in your online business. So if you don't have one then add that to your to-do list today.

If you need help with any aspect of email marketing, then I have a few resources for all stages of business listed here.

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