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Paid Vs Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Which One Is Important For Driving Traffic To Your Website?

Driving traffic to your website is the easiest way to attract more eyeballs to your business.

BUT, getting traffic in itself is a HUGE task.

Had it been so easy to nail, every business would’ve been flourishing. 

Just like in any other world, even in the digital world, there’s neck-to-neck competition, so you gotta strategize smartly. Only then will you have a website which attracts visitors like the smell of hot cakes attracts people passing on the street.

Now there are various ways to increase traffic to your website. While some ways are paid, others are free! 

You can choose to go entirely with paid methods, or entirely with free methods.

But I love a mix of both! I do not like to put all my eggs in one basket. And I suggest you do the same.

Let’s discuss some of them to see which can prove to be more effective for you.

We’ll dive into one way at a time and then you choose whatever floats your boat! ☺


1. Paid Ads:

Paid ads will win your heart if you’re looking for a quick solution! They’ll get you many visitors quickly if the ads are set properly.

So if you’re on the lookout to get a large influx of traffic, paid ads are something you should look at.

Paid advertisements on Facebook, Google, and Instagram all can work.

Target ads to your ideal customers and see leads come in. 

Paid ads also help you retarget your long-lost prospects

The fact of the matter is that approximately 97% of people leave your website buying nothing.
So, to reduce this drop-off rate and increase conversions, you need  RETARGETING ads.

Retargeting campaigns are an effective way of reminding your prospects of your offer and offering them a reason to get it. 

2. Influencer/Affiliate Marketing:

You can use affiliate marketing to bring more eyes to your website.

Affiliates generally get a cut on each purchase their audience does on your site. This way, you can cover a large audience and people know that your offer exists.

They can also assist you by adding a link to your website and adding a referral code too, in case there’s a discount you’re offering!

This method helps you track how many people are visiting your website by being influenced by a specific influencer.

3. Press Releases:

If you have something news-worthy, PRESS RELEASES will be your fav.

There are services and apps which ensure that your press release is out and about in the public so that new traffic keeps pouring in…

And if all goes correctly, your press release can be picked up by many outlets, in turn increasing traffic on your website.



You won’t have a pay a single $ for traffic generated by these ways. Let’s discuss some of the most effective ones.

1. Content Marketing:

It can be done in several ways based on what you prefer. It can be a podcast, a YouTube show, or a blog.

Content Marketing can create the magic you need.

Content is the flesh that fills the web and if one chooses to be part of the content creation process, there is more to gain. If you have a website and would like your website to gain attention then you might need to learn some content syndication methods to have heavy traffics flooding in through your site.

Blogging keeps the website fresh for new visitors and you can always flourish with good content. Blogs are easy to read, and they can give valuable information.

If you don’t feel inclined toward writing content, then podcasts can be a good option for you. You can share valuable information through your podcasts.

One thing to take note of is that irrespective of whatever options you choose for content marketing make sure you’re SOLVING A PROBLEM.

The purpose of content marketing is to increase you know, like and trust factor.

2. Guest Posting:

So there are 2 ways in which guest posting works. You submit your posts to other sites and also accept posts from others!

When you take out time to write for someone else, it gives you a boost in traffic because suddenly you’re catering to a whole new audience!

Once you build trust with people, you get new mediums and networks to showcase your content on.

Mostly, guest posts include a link to your website. So whoever opens that post, gets the option to be directed to your website, improving your traffic.

You can choose to go with Guest YouTubing and Guest Podcasting as well. This way you get mentioned in other influential people’s podcasts and YouTube videos. This increases your chances of being noticed by people and drives traffic your way.

3. Social Media:

Social media is for EVERYONE. All you need is a little patience and time, and you’ll see how many visitors visit.

Social media is considered a powerful tool for promotion and spreading the word.

The social media craze has stolen the hearts of many people and to be factual on figures, there are over one billion active people on social media which explains why various platforms will be the best of the best for your business to grow stronger.

With social media, you need to be consistent with posting content so that your page is always gushing with new and useful information!

#1 Content on Pinterest:

Pinterest is a really fantastic way to get your website traffic flowing!

Sometimes Pinterest even outshines the best of social networking sites like Facebook. 

Visually appealing content entices visitors to pin the image which means they’re basically pinning a link to your blog.

And do you know the best thing about Pinterest? IT IS A SEARCH ENGINE. The audience is coming to Pinterest and searching because they need it.

The artistic and aesthetic pictures on Pinterest are nothing but a lead to your content. And getting leads= getting traffic.

#2 Facebook Groups and other Forums:

Another key aspect of how much traffic you drive home is related to how much you participate and make yourself “seen”.

When you create your own groups, it gives people something to back for.

I am a part of a few good Facebook groups myself and it does magic for my business.

Groups are a great place to showcase your knowledge and expertise. and what that does is gives people CONFIDENCE. they feel like “This person knows what they’re doing and where they’re going in life”. Then they check your website out and boom! There you go, got your source of traffic!

Now that we’ve discussed some main free and paid methods, let me tell you something.

There are so many such methods, which will help you, bring traffic to your website.

I thought why not give you a quick tip? So here it goes.

# Make your website user-friendly: It is essential that your website is user-friendly. This creates a good user experience and Google will reward you for that. 

Pay extra attention to Mobile view, because c’mon, we all know that people are browsing from their mobile all the time, like when they are picking up the kids from school and waiting in line or are in a long queue at Target.

Google is updating its Algorithms and it will rank websites that are easy to use, and give a good user experience across devices, plus ones that load quickly...IT will rank these websites much higher in their algorithm.

Everything said and done.

One thing's for sure- you’ll HAVE to be PATIENT. No matter which of these you choose; paid or free, or even a mix of both, it’ll take some time to drive people to check your website. 

All you can do in the meanwhile is be CONSISTENT. Consistency gets results.


There is no one size that fits all...

With trial and error, you will figure out what’ll work BEST for you. ☺

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