How to implement UNSUBSCRIBE from a SEQUENCE and not from the MAIN email list in Kajabi

Sep 09, 2019

This automation is more advanced but it is something that everybody who uses email marketing should use.

When we launch to our email list, there is a probability that they are not interested in that thing at that time.

So, we should give them an option to opt-out of that sales sequence but without opting out of your list completely.

To achieve this in Kajabi, we need to set a bunch of automation and it involves a lot of steps, but don't worry I will lay it down step by step so you can implement it on your own.

1 ) Create a landing page in kajabi, this will have a message - we have noted your preference.

Keep this link handy in a google doc, we will need it.


2) In your promo emails, after the end of the email content, add a few blank lines and add text that reads something like

" If you’re not interested in receiving emails related to publishing your book, just click here."

 The click here link should lead to your OPTOUT PAGE you made in step 1.


3) Now go to Marketing- automation and add new automation.



In the 1st field of the automation, choose when email sequence is clicked.

In the  2nd field, click and choose the relevant email.

In the  3rd field, choose the opt-out link

In the 4th field, choose add a tag.

In the 5th field, add a relevant tag to people who click the opt-out link, for example, "OPT-OUT"

The last step - Save the automation.

4) Repeat all the steps in step 3 for all the emails in the automation, so if you have 5 emails in that sequence, you have to do step 3 five times. 



5) Now add an unsubscribe trigger to your sequence, which is when TAG "opt-out" is added unsubscribe from the sales sequence. 

This will make sure the sales sequence only goes to people without the tag "optout"


6) If you are sending a broadcast then make sure you filter by people who don't have the tag "opt-out "before sending sales emails for your specific promo.


Hope this helps


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