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5 Mindset Shifts to Make as a Course Creator

5 Mindset Shifts to Make as a Course Creator

Being a course creator is not easy. You have so much on your plate at all times.

But to be successful without burning yourself out, there are some mindset shifts that you must incorporate.

You’ll have to drop some assumptions and ideologies that you’ve held onto for the longest.

You can have EVERYTHING you need; the dedication, the commitment, the motivation... yet something seems missing.

It can be Mindset!

Here are some mindset shifts you have to make to be a successful course creator.

1. Strategy over Technology 

Up until now, technology may have been everything you are worried about. And you also had plans to invest in high-end technology to get things done.

Big NO. Choose strategy over technology. Don’t get me wrong, you obviously need technology. But you need more strategy, less technology.

The fact is if you have strategically thought over your plan then technology will help you to take a step closer to your goal.

Creating and selling an online course successfully is beyond just having the best technology.

You can have the best technology, but if you don’t have the right STRATEGY, your technology will not give you any great results.

So make sure apart from having a decent technology that creates a great user experience, you have your STRATEGY dialed in.

Because there’s only so much that a good tech setup can do.


 2. “Launching a course is overwhelming”, replace overwhelming with “simple

You don’t need to do ALL THE THINGS when you are just getting started.

It can be simple if you decide that is how you gonna do it. Do it YOUR way

And once you become firm on how YOU will do it, you’ll see for yourself how what you thought was overwhelming, becomes SIMPLE. ☺

3. Go from MORE to LESS

Never try to pack in too much information in your course. In a situation of information overload, your course not only loses its charm, but no info stays with your student.

You need to keep it short and to the point.

Know that with online courses, LESS IS MORE. 

You want to get them to their desired destination with as less steps as possible, they are not paying you for loads of content that they can get for free on YouTube. They want the quickest and shortest route to their destination.

Try to sum up what you wanna convey, in the least amount of words. The value of your course doesn’t lie in HOW MUCH you’ve told them, but in WHAT RESULTS it yields.

Concentrate more on ensuring it gets them the result you promised. That's how you’ll win hearts, not by stuffing your course with info and making it overwhelming and so difficult to get through.


4. Shift from thinking that everything needs to be “perfect”

Do whatever you want to, with confidence. 

If you’re constantly trying to fix everything to make it perfect, you’ll be constantly stressed and overwhelmed.

Expecting your first course to be mistake-free and flawless is nothing short of an unrealistic expectation.

Don’t get stuck in the beginning thinking about what if something goes wrong- rather just stop thinking and go for it.

You’re venturing into something new; you’re bound to make some mistakes. So what?

Take it as a learning experience, never let it hold you back, my friend. ☺


5. Engage with existing students rather than being on the lookout for new ones 

You need to shift your mindset to deal with clients.

Understand that you can’t keep gaining new students until you’re sufficiently engaging with the existing students. 

No number is small. Even if you have 5 students, be content. And ensure you help them get the results that your course promises. 

Student success should be your #1 priority, don’t let the hustler attitude consume you. 


I don’t mean that you should stop promoting, no. Always strive for more. But not at the cost of your clients who’ve invested in you- financially and mentally. GIVE them your best. Do all you can to make sure they see the results you promised.

I just want you to know that no matter how perfectly you do things, mistakes will happen.

But one thing that is totally in your control is your MINDSET. How you react to things that happen is the most important part here.

How you adapt to circumstances, how you perceive them and respond to them- is everything that’s important in reality.

Don’t fear change and even more than that, never fear failure. Know that you’re deserving of everything you’ve created. Never get into comparison and feel like “oh, but she is doing so much better than me” or “he has so much more experience than me.”

Comparison is the thief of joy. So start with yourself and change YOUR MINDSET first.

Once your mindset changes, everything outside will start to change along with it. ☺ 
I feel mindset is the most important pillar of SUCCESS.


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