Legal Templates you need for an Online Business

Legal Templates you need for an Online Business

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As a busy entrepreneur who’s working hard to grow their business.
We ignore the legal stuff that comes with running a business.
Thinking we don’t need that YET or nothing will happen to us.
But this is something we should not ignore.
We trying to save a few hundred dollars can cost us a fortune later on in this entrepreneur journey.
These things are on our to-do list, but we don’t get to them soon enough as these things DON’T HELP US MAKE MONEY.
We spend on courses, membership sites, brand shoots, but this does not get the priority it deserves.
We justify by saying, “No-one is reading that, anyway!"

Why do you need 'Terms and Conditions" or Legal Templates? 


Do we read the terms we agree to on every site we buy or engage in?

NO, but they make us PRESS THAT BUTTON that says “ I agree to the terms and conditions of this website”.
Shocking stats from a research conducted show that ONLY 1% of people, in general, go through the terms and conditions... rest of us are just living in the dark.
That one action saves them from all the things that could do wrong in the future.
So, we should do what others are doing on their websites, as that is the right thing to do!
So let me answer some very basic questions for you!


Why do you need legal policies on your website?

We need it to safeguard ourselves and our businesses. It is that simple.
privacy policy lets your site visitors know what kind of information you are collecting, how you are collecting it, what you plan to do with the data, and where it is being stored.
It acts as a safeguard for both you and your customers and creates an environment of transparency.


Now let’s talk about Terms and Conditions.

A terms and conditions hold much value on your site because it acts as a legal contract between you and your customers.
It informs visitors what they can and cannot do with your original content such as blog posts, images, and other content.
If your content gets copied, named something else, and claimed as their own, this is where your terms and conditions can help protect your interests.
Having Terms and Conditions sets the boundaries between you and your readers.
It lets them know how they can interact with your content.


Why getting a free template on the internet is NOT the best way to go?

It’s okay to start off with free templates when you are brand new to the business.

Brand New means you have not made money and are just in infancy.
Once you get your first set of clients and have made your first few hundred dollars, it is time to get your legal stuff in order.
I recommend purchasing a template that is BEST SUITED for YOUR KIND OF BUSINESS.
All businesses are not EQUAL, so your TEMPLATES should also be the one that you need for your business model.
Your needs differ greatly from your fellow entrepreneur friend.
Free templates provide you with the general clauses, but the important ones usually come at a price.
If you want to add a clause, you need to pay for each additional clause.

It puts a hole through your pocket without you even realizing it.
For most of it is sunk cost, we have invested a lot of time customizing the free one, so when they suddenly ask you for money to add some clauses, you have no choice but to pay their asking price. ( I know this because I have been there and done that)
Paid templates charge us upfront, but it’s a ONE-TIME INVESTMENT that you are making in your business.
It is a small price to pay for your SAFETY and SANITY.
Also, it is ESSENTIAL to have all this in place if you want to run ads of any kind.
Paid templates mostly offer some kind of support ( not legal) but more Q and A kind of support about the templates.

When we use free templates we do not get any support, and nowhere to go with our questions
. ( which we usually have)
So, the next question may be where can I get these templates Sneha?

Let me tell you where I got mine from and someone I recommend all the time.
He is a trusted resource in the online industry.
His templates are made to suit this audience.
Unlike a lot of other lawyers whose templates are more suited for a brick-and-mortar business. His templates are crafted for the Online Entrepreneur.
Little about Bobby!

Bobby Klinck is a Harvard Law Grad determined to help online entrepreneurs make sure the legal matters don’t disrupt your business.
He has created legal templates best suited for specific entrepreneurs from Bloggers, Service Providers, Coaches, Course Creator, and even Membership site owners.

He is an Online Entrepreneur and understands what we need, unlike a general lawyer who has no clue on how online business works.
He comes recommended by my Mentor Amy Porterfield.
Below listed are different templates categorized for each kind of business.
You can choose the pack based on your Business Model 

Online Genius Template Library ( this pack has all his templates)


Corinne Boudreau is a unique blend of an experienced business lawyer and online entrepreneur.   Corinne is also Canadian - so Canadian that she plays hockey and takes her guitar on camping trips.

She has these options

Website Legal Essentials :'

Canadian Course Creator + Coaching Package

Canadian Online Legal Template Library

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