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Key elements of an about page

“What should be included in an ABOUT PAGE?”

I get this question a lot. So a blog emphasizing that seemed like a good idea. 

The about page of your website is your target audience's way to know you. This is the page where all visitors can see who you are, what you do and what your area of expertise is.

To make it more personal and establish a connection with the readers, you can add bits of your journey and how you got where you are today.

Nailing the about page isn’t something that may come naturally to you, which is okay.

But what if I tell you I have listed down the essential elements of an about page just for you...

Will that get you excited and make you look forward to writing & designing yours? 

Well yes, I have all the MUST HAVE elements of an about page listed out. So go through this blog till the very end. I may have another good news waiting ;)

Essential Elements To Include In Your About Us Page

Let’s discuss all the essential elements first.

1. Header

The header is the topmost element of your about page. This contains your navigation bar and company logo. 

Navigation- The navigation bar is one of the most important elements since it helps people browse through your website and head wherever they want to.

The navigation bar contains links to all other web pages of your websites and makes it easier for the visitor to have a look at your website.

For your about page to be a success, people need to find it and be able to read through it.


2. Introduce them to their problem

Pinpoint their problem, make it about them. I know it is your “about ” page, but your target audience needs to see themselves in it. 

Talk about them so that they feel understood right at the start. Only then will they continue reading. You know, no one wants to read ONLY about “YOU.”

This section is for you to help them self identify themselves and make them go “oh! she gets me.” I need her in my life.


3. Introduce yourself and your work

Remember they’re on YOUR about page essentially because they’re intrigued to know about YOU and WHAT you do. In this element, you tell them a little about yourself and a brief description of your work.

Here you may introduce yourself, starting with your name, expressing your values, your area of expertise and your experience in the industry. 

Tell them about your business, how the work goes on behind the curtains and what you aim to achieve when you work with your clients.


4. Your Journey

Don’t get on a soapbox but tell them the interesting things about the journey that got you here.

Tell them how you started this business.

Keep it short and mention the obstacles you faced, discuss how you overcame them.

Keep it personal and informal and use storytelling while narrating. 

Your story can be the factor that makes them go “YES, SHE IS THE ONE”.

And of course, it’ll add that personal touch to your about page .☺


5. How you can help them

Be straightforward and tell them how you have the answer to their problem. And mention how they know they are a great fit to work with you.

Use facts and tell them why your guidance and expertise is what’ll help them achieve desired goals. Be realistic and tell them what they can expect from you. 


6. Accomplishments/Featured-in

The about page is a great place to showcase your accomplishments. Any awards that your company/you as an individual have won or any popular magazine you’ve been featured in are to be mentioned here.

Accomplishments act as a validation to the effectiveness of your work, which adds a feather of trustworthiness to your cap.


7. Freebie

Feature a freebie on your about page. This freebie will act as a lead magnet and attract many people to sign up for your list.


8. Strong Call-To-Action

Just before ending the about page, add a strong CTA.


9. Footer

The footer is the last section of your about page where you include legal components like disclaimers and copyrights. You also add your social media handle icons there for people to contact you easily.

I hope this blog helped you understand the MUST-HAVES of an about page. About pages are always very “you” and hence it’s important for them to have that personal touch. It helps people not only understand you but also relate to you and your business.

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