5 reasons for self-hosting your Instagram landing page

Do you use Instagram to market services, drive traffic to your blog, or promote products?

If so, you must have noticed that Instagram does not allow you to display multiple links for your visitors to see and you end up with just one link.

It’s super annoying! Especially so if you want your followers to visit multiple places.

Now it is entirely up to you whether you use that as a stumbling block or a stepping stone.

In a frenzy, most business owners have relied on third-party services such as Linktree.

But think about this:

Why would you want to use a third-party, when you could direct people to your own websites, which is where you actually want them to land?

Today, I want to give you 

TOP 5 reasons on why you must self-host your own landing page

1. Complete control over your branding

One of the most frustrating issues of Linktree is the inability to customize it to match your brand unless you upgrade to premium. Besides, you cannot even change a font!


Well, you can pay for a premium account if you like. But should you really? Especially when you can have better design options free of cost?

Remember, only your own website will allow you to spice it up the way you like it. #onbrand


2. Get all the traffic to your website

Whether you want your visitors to become your readers, subscribers, or even esteemed clients, you need traffic!

But when you use Linktree, or any other third-party link builder, you are behaving like that air-traffic controller who keeps the flights hovering over the airport for hours together before allowing them to land.

The literal flights will eventually land, but your visitors might take to flight if you let them hover over third-party websites first before they can land on your website.

Beeep! You are indeed shooing away traffic from your website!

If you want conversions, do not let your visitors hover around!

According to a study, an average human’s attention span is a mere 8 seconds!

The longer you let your visitors hover over third-party websites, the greater the risk of losing your potential clients.

Instead, direct them to your website straight with no redirects.

Use a landing page on your own website with your own branding to personally drive your visitors to where you want them to be.


3. Own your assets

You are the boss of your business and your website. You have no control over third-party tools.

!Danger: They could be gone in a whiff or they might go down when you need them the most.

Hosting your own landing page will give the reins into your hands instead of passing it on to the third-party.


4. Build authority using your own domain name

Third-party landing pages are like ‘care of’ addresses: thirdparty.com/yourname.

Well, you don’t want your visitors directed away from you, right?

A third-party domain address will not only confuse your visitors but also hurt your brand.

Wouldn’t it be just glorious to have mysite.com/Instagram? 


5. Save on some cash!

Evidently, if you do not use a third-party service, you would save some money. That money could be put to use in some other aspect of your business.

It is up to you how you would like to use your money, I suggest putting that money into something better and with a better Return on Investment.

I hope I have convinced you to get a self-hosted landing page for the link in the BIO of your Instagram profile.

I am confident that your business will thrive as you consider these aspects and host your own landing page.

Here is a sample landing page template I have made for you that you can download for FREE and use for your Kajabi site.


I decided that I would create a links page directly on my website instead of using Linktree. I thought I might be able to do it myself so I started researching and looking for tutorials. I watched a few videos but nothing fit exactly what I wanted to do. Then I found Sneha's free template! I signed up, received it right away, and was done in less than an hour with a beautiful links page. Now I'm moving on to sales pages and just saw that she has great templates for that too! Thanks for your help Sneha!

Mary Fenton

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