Right way of using Tags in Kajabi

Kajabi tip for you'll!

You may have heard the best way to optimize your blog posts is to load them up with lots of tags related to the keywords you'd like to rank for. The more the merrier, right?


In Kajabi, tags work very differently than they would in WordPress or some other tool.

In the Kajabi blog, post tags are more an organizational feature than an SEO feature.

So if I have a blog titled: 7 best freebie ideas that don't require a lot of time to create, I can give them 2 tags, Email Marketing & List Building. This way I have CATEGORIZED them into these 2 buckets.

If someone clicks either of these tags, this blog post of mine will be pulled up along with all other blog posts where I have added this tag.

On the left is a snapshot of my tags, which is more for organizing/ categorizing.

On the right, you see someone using them as keywords they want to rank for, which does not work in Kajabi

Also here is where you add tags in Kajabi. Just under the blog image.





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