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Top 5 Reasons to Use Sales Page Templates When Trying To Build A Sales Page

When you are an Entrepreneur… you’re racing against time and there is so much to do.

Finally, you have pushed beyond your comfort zone and created your online course.

Now is the time to build your Sales Page

You’ve read all blogs, all articles which gave you tips and hacks to build your sales page. 

But something is still not quite right…

You have a bunch of tips and tricks from different people, but no start-to-finish framework.

You are doing your best to implement all you have learned, but you are not where you had initially visualized.

Don’t worry

The missing link to getting your sales page finished and offer launched is a… A WELL DESIGNED TEMPLATE!

Yes, you heard me.

A well-designed conversion focussed template is what you need.

Templates, if used smartly, can be the difference between you launching or you not launching.

Designing your sales page all by yourself is overwhelming.

But with a template, there are chances of having your sales page up in no time. It is a HUGE time and a sanity saver.

A Good Template can provide you with

#1 Structure

You can think of the template as the basic structure of your sales page.

If someone hands you over the structure itself… then what else do you need? Half your job is done.

Templates, or themes as they’re alternatively called, have all the building blocks of your sales page.

Once you have the building blocks in place, the foundation of your sales page is already strong. And now whatever you build onto it, will keep making it even better!


#2 Pre- Designed

Templates are already designed, so your job is just to customize them as per your brand.

You do not have to do the heavy lifting of designing, all that is already done for you.

You can launch your sales page within a few days instead of weeks, as what you need to do is just make it on brand and add your content.


#3 Copy Prompts

Well-made templates will give you copy prompts for the page you are working on.

My sales page template comes with prompts to write your sales page.

They are a huge help for people who need that extra support.


#4 Easy to customize

A well-made template will be easy to customize.

It will come with resources you can use to make the template your own. 

The colours can be changed with a few clicks, images can be swapped in no time and content can be added quickly.


#5 Saves Time

You will save so many hours when you use a template instead of starting from a blank screen. As an Entrepreneur, time is your greatest resource, use it wisely.

I hope I have given you a lot of reasons to start with a template and not with a blank page. Now you may be wondering ...Sneha, yes, but where can I buy templates from?

If you’re looking for sales page templates in Kajabi, look no further. I have a few options for you here.

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