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Having a strong and dedicated community supporting your brand is perhaps the safest marketing channel and one that is sure to show results. To build a thriving community marketers need a robust platform that has just the right tools and features. The platform helps marketers not only build but also manage, communicate and support their community. One of the best community platforms is empowers community builders and creators to build a genuine relationship with their community. And is a one-stop destination for community building, hosting threads, events, documents and more. I have tried to put my reviews based on certain parameters.

  • Features has many features like hosting threads, events, documents, automated match-ups, customised themes and more. After signing up on the platform and customising the community and completing the profile, you can import any existing communities from Slack or Circle. 

This makes capitalising on the already present community convenient. 


Threads save a significant amount of time and make engagement more organised. Threads help to categorise conversions which can be picked up and continued. They come in handy when you’re short on time and looking for a specific conversion or topic. 

One can attach documents and GIFs to make conversions interesting and informative. The platform also allows conducting polls in the threads to increase engagement. 


Heartbeat allows users to host important documents like Product Roadmap, resources, lecture recordings, important links and saved threads under the section Docs. This makes organising and accessing important documents fuss-free.


You can manage different events through Heartbeat. It allows integration with different platforms like Google Calendar and Zoom. You can invite select users or all the members of your community, it also sends reminders before the event starts.  

Directories, Match-ups and Voice- Rooms

You get a detailed directory and profiles of your community members, which can be used to send a weekly newsletter- another feature on and get to know your community better.

One can design cohort-based courses, automate internal match-making among your community, and join live voice and video rooms within minutes. If you have a Zoom account, you can connect it to Heartbeat to get a seamless experience. 

Integration allows integration with various platforms to enable smooth transition and communication. Some of these are Google Calendar, Outlook, Zoom, Salesforce, Notion, Zaperi, Slack, Circle. You can sign in with your Google calendar or Outlook account to create and manage the community Heartbeat will send invites to the community to invited members. You can import your community from platforms like Slack and Circle and use Zoom to sync events, meetings and more. 

Embed custom HTML code in Heartbeat!

Now you can embed just about anything within Heartbeat with our updated HTML embeds! Add embeds to Threads by clicking the 'embed' icon in the 'Create Thread' screen. Add embeds to Docs & Course lessons by typing "/embed".

Courses lets you host cohort-based courses for your community. The feature is visible when you click on your profile present at the bottom left corner. You can add lessons and modules, and analyse the performance of the course at one glance. 

Plethora Settings

Unlike various other community platforms, Heartbeat offers flexibility over how you control your community. From disabling DMs, enabling or disabling weekly digest in General settings to creating API keys, you can do a lot to effectively manage your community. You can enable Email Notification which sends emails to users for unread mentions. 

Another cool feature is that you can select the features you want to enable in your community. For instance, you can choose to disable courses in your community you can do so by going to the Community Apps and disabling the Courses.

Effective user management

Heartbeat has perhaps the best user management settings. One can select the roles and have different settings for each of those roles. You can have an assistant manage your community and restrict them from editing roles or modifying groups. You can manage the user directory and download a CSV of your community members in the All Users section.

Customised community

The best feature in my opinion is that Heartbeat lets you be in control of your community theme. Few other community platforms don’t allow the users to customise their community which means that you have to stick to the colour palate that the platform offers. However, in you can select colours of your choice and set the community theme to one that suits your brand.

Customised onboarding setup

Along with the community theme, you can also customise and set- up the user onboarding journey to fit your needs and wants. You can ask questions to know your community members better, post announcements of new on-boarders, and have them accept the code of conduct. You can also show a video to the new members introducing them to your community. 

Not only that but you can also set up multiple onboarding processes for different offers.

Analytics provides insightful reports on various metrics from user activity like thread view and direct messages to the overall engagement of the community. These can be used to analyse and improve content and marketing strategy on the platform to increase community activity and engagement. 

Activity logs can help the content and marketing team curate content that is popular and schedule it at the time the community is most active- which can be determined by the activity hotspots report. You can also see the top channel, top contributor and top threads that had the most engagement in a given time period.

Feature usage can help the team to analyse specific user behaviour. Time before first – DM, share, or other user activity– reports can be used to look at the root causes and help understand user pain points. Platform usage can help determine the consistency of the community across android, iOS, and desktop.

A Walk-through for the users

When you first sign in on you get a walk-through of the platform. This helps you navigate the platform and help you set up your account on the right note. The interface is quite intuitive and aids the user to get the hang of the platform. 

Available on Android, iOS, desktop and website

Heartbeat has an application that can be found in the Play Store of your android phone, the App store of your iPhone, iPad or Mac as well as a web interface. This increases the accessibility and ease of managing your community. It can also help with the reach of your community since a wide range of users can access the community without any hindrance. 


You can use heartbeat to run paid offers as well, the beauty of this platform is that you can create offers that may use all or some features of the platform, so you could have one offer that is only a course and a thread, others may have events, courses, documents and threads.

You can easily integrate stripe with Heartbeat and sell paid offers.

  • User interface and experience

Having used the platform for quite a bit of time, what stands out to the users is how easy it is to understand and navigate the platform. The UI of is smooth and straightforward with a clear user-guide tutorial that eases the onboarding journey for users. 

The overall feel of the interface is smooth and has a pleasant feel to it, making the user experience satisfying. takes the feedback provided by users and community members to launch features that address user pain points and needs. It takes care of the major user (community builders’) pain points like having no control over user onboarding and community theme. For the members, small features like disabling DMs, and logging in with Google, Apple or Facebook have been introduced to enhance their experience and increase engagement.

  • Price and plans

Free trial offers a 14-day free trial that can be cancelled anytime and requires no credit card. This free trial is offered for the three paid plans: Starter, Growth, and Business. 

Starter Plan

The Starter plan offered by Heartbeat includes all the core features to build a community of 1000 members along with brand colours and custom design. It also has Google calendar, Zoom and Zapeir integration to host events and meetings through the platform. 

Growth Plan

Whereas the Growth plan allows a community of unlimited members and provides insightful analytics reports that can be used to interpret community engagement, reach and community activity.  

Business Plan

The business plan is a customisable plan which offers Heartbeat API and support. It also offers a 1:1 setup and enterprise integration to build a community of unlimited members. 

With the features offered the plans are reasonably priced and worth the users' money.  


Given the features and pricing, sits proudly among the two most popular online community platforms. It has robust features, a great UI and quick support. If you’re starting out on building your online community is one of the best options out there. 

Heartbeat is very user-friendly and intuitive for new users. There is already an extensive library of tutorials to get you started. Heartbeat is a bit like having your own facebook group but you can customise it to make it exactly what you want. I have not used the course features but I will be creating sub-communities for each cohort of live Zoom trainings I teach. I also schedule the live calls in the Heartbeat events feature. I like the control that Heartbeat gives me and I can only see this platform going from strength to strength.

Happy Customer of Heartbeat - Mark Egan

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