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Hacks to Write Your Sales Page in No Time

Well, we all know- Time is money. You want to save it and not waste it!! 

And so, I understand the urgency to write your sales page and make your offer available to the world.

The longer you take to write your sales page, the longer your offer will be on hold.

You can’t just sit around unfocused and wait for a miracle to happen. 

Get started, SOMEWHERE.

Trust me, I get it. It’s easier said than done…But, get it done!

You’re scared to begin because you know it’ll take HEAPS OF TIME to write a sales page and there are SO MANY elements in a sales page, and you want to make sure it’s all perfect.

But perfection takes TIME. And that’s what you don’t have.

ANNDDD that is why I will help you write your copy in NO TIME.

Try the following hacks to save LOADS of time!

Tips to write your sales page:

#1 Fish out your offer’s details

Review your core offer thoroughly. You’ll realize that all information isn’t important to the readers. Pick out all the essential points. These must answer the questions which pop into the reader’s mind.

When you write only the important stuff, you save yourself the effort of typing unnecessary things. You also save much of your reader’s time, while not missing out on anything important.

And well begun is half done!

Some details you MUST include are what the buyer will experience after buying your offer, how your offer is better than others, and the CORE BENEFITS of your offer.

It’s your job to ensure that you’re using words that are self-explanatory.

The more to the point it is, the more likely it’ll win their hearts!


#2 Take past client’s opinion  

Someone who has used your offer knows best. Their feedback is the most valuable and they’ll tell you the real pros and cons.

You already share a rapport with them and so they can share their real opinions about your offer, without hesitation.

This way, they feel important since you’re following up with them. And you have content for your sales page, without having to do much. You can rewrite their feedback as content or even add those as testimonials.

Based on your equation with them, you can either get them to email you or join you on a quick zoom call.

This is not only for your sales page purpose but also for the betterment of your offer.

This is a great idea to boost the efficiency of your page!



#3 Start anywhere

As long as you’re starting, it doesn’t matter WHERE you start.

Sometimes writing an introduction can be the MOST DIFFICULT part. When we complete it, we’re so exhausted that we need a break already!

Just go with the flow! Write whatever comes to mind. Don’t force yourself to start from the beginning on the sales page. Because believe it or not, the starting is the MOST DIFFICULT part.

You can’t afford to be stuck in the introduction. Make it a point to jot down anything you feel is appropriate. Don’t worry if it’s not the first thing to write on the sales page. Don't hold yourself back at this stage, go with the flow and write.

As long as it applies to your offer, just go for it! You can categorize them into headings/sub-headings later on!


#4 Make a blueprint first

Have a rough structure ready before you start. This way you won’t have to go back and forth to see if you’re following the structure correctly.

Plan a structure; decide on what sections you need to cover everything about your offer. When you know how much to write and where to write, you’re way less likely to exceed the limit.

Overwriting can be a huge deal. It will take endless time to review and rewrite the whole page. It’s no kid’s play!

Now that you have a format in your mind, you can proceed as per plan.

It also makes work more organized and less overwhelming. 

At least you’re finally sorted on one side!


The best way to save time is by following a step-by-step guide to the T. and I would love to lead you in the right direction!

Not only does it save time but also assures you you’re moving in the right direction. Writing a sales page by yourself is no joke, it’s a TASK.

Now you’re no longer confused because this guide is the answer to all your questions!

You can check out my guide PITCH PERFECT SALES PAGE for writing a high-converting sales page.

Pitch Perfect Sales Page

The step-by-step framework for entrepreneurs who are ready to write high-converting sales page copy without hiring an expensive copywriter.

In this guide, you will find

  • the entire sales page mapped out for you.
  • swipe-worthy headline formulas.
  • impactful sub-header prompts.
  • plug and play section templates for your sales page, so that you have them in the right sequence.
  • exercises to get clarity on your ideal customer avatar, unique value proposition, course promise, and much more.

Learn more about it here.

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