Freebie 101 - A Complete Guide

Let me tell you one thing- if you don’t have a lead magnet, you’re simply missing out on loads of leads and possible future customers and clients for your business.

As a course creator, you’re on your toes ALL THE TIME to get as many students as possible, from all possible sources. So why would you wanna miss out on one of the most successful techniques to do so? A FREE LEAD MAGNET.

Your free content is the starting point for your “leads” to become paying customers and that is where a lead magnet comes in.

So by giving away a small portion of your content for free, you’re not at a loss.

Rather, it is a strategy to get more eyeballs to you and your content. ☺

Attracting ideal customers isn’t the only purpose of your free content. It helps you in your business in more ways than one.

It helps you establish a reputation as you step into the market, It lets your prospects get an idea about your expertise and try you before they buy from you...and much more.

Now you may ask- “But WHAT should I offer for free??”

There are various options …but let me share some tried and tested ones with you.

PDF Guides, Ebooks  

In this form of free content, you can offer some simple hacks and tricks which are extremely valuable to your prospects 

Choose a topic you have mastery over and make sure it ties to your paid offers.

3 or 5 Day Challenges

You could have a small challenge to raise their interest levels! It always works! Something like Learn to Design a Sales Page in JUST 5 DAYS!

When they feel challenged and energized, it boosts their confidence. When they successfully complete that challenge, they’re intrigued to know more about how you can help them.

This is because, with you, now they have experienced change using your help.

If you want to learn more about how to run an effective challenge click here.


Quizzes are known to have high completion rates. This is because they feed our curious mind and as humans, we feel bound to complete something we've started off.

Quizzes help people gain insight into themselves and all of us feel internally motivated to dig deeper. Who doesn't like finding out more about themselves? 

Sometimes quizzes are designed such that they help them in figuring out their business issues.  And for us? For us, the biggest advantage quizzes hold is that it narrows down options so we know which offer is to be pitched to whom.

Try Interact is my favourite quiz software.

Free Mini Training 

Free mini-training offered by you can simply be a short 30-40 minute video on a specific concept. This helps establish the know, like, and trust factor with literally ZERO risks to the prospect.

It helps you establish yourself as an expert and gives them an idea of what it is like to train with you.

It amps up the chances of prospects buying your offer/course. 

YouTube Videos/Blogs/Articles

This is how you come into their notice and leave a mark in their mind. Be such that when they think of their pressing problem next, they think of YOUR SOLUTION.

Apart from these, you can also choose to go live, host webinars, or record podcasts. As I said, the list is endless, it’s just what works, works. (NOTE: this is free content, not a lead magnet, it can be called a lead-in) We can use this at the end of the kind of lead magnets you can offer.

Let me take you through the funnel system, which helps us narrow down customers from prospects to actual buyers…

We all know how a funnel works, right? It’s broad in the beginning and keeping narrowing as we move further down.

As a course creator, everything in your course revolves around your student’s development. The content is thought out, keeping THEIR pressing problem in mind and stepping in THEIR shoes to understand what kind of solution they’d want.

So for us course creators, the funnel system is more about your generosity. And talking of generosity, I’d like to give you one tip. 

Be generous with your free content. 

For us, the funnels begin with us giving freely.

A free lead magnet, free advice, free talks at events, giving away free ebooks, and much more… all up for GRABSSSS!!

There’s so much you can do to win their hearts! 

You can add content upgrades to your free content and that will also help you attract more leads. It all lies in these small (or not) tips and tricks.

If you wanna know about the precise difference between a content upgrade and a lead magnet, have a look at my blog where I talk of the differences in detail.

Most of the power lies within the customer’s hands, so all you have to do is harness the power of the lead magnet and then let it do the magic. 

With lead magnets, you can build your email list in no time, nurture existing leads, and do much more than that.

Choose your lead magnet smartly. You know why? Because research has shown that when you offer good content as they're signing up, opt-ins can rise by a potential 85%!!


To begin with, remember that your lead magnet should be nothing short of irresistible. It should be the content they’ve been searching for, everywhere.

Your lead magnets should have the following qualities, only then will they serve the purpose we’ve been discussing since so longgggg…

1. Solve a Problem

Only those people visit who have a pressing problem over their head. Your lead magnet needs to solve that problem in one go. It should click them they’ve found their answer!

This also gives them something to stick around for.

2. Insightful

Make it insightful and pack it with real data, as much as possible. Ensure you sound authoritative and give advice that is actionable.

3. Easily Consumable

Your free content should be such that it is consumable easily.

It should not take days to go through what you have offered for free, because the trick is they consume the freebie, they love it and then they come back for more. (Which is your paid product)

I hope I’ve given you all the info you need to understand WHY it’s important to offer free content to start with.

People are not ready to invest off the gate when they know nothing of you or your teaching style.

Lead magnets do the best for you and also give them a chance to know you and the content you offer.

And once you’ve gotten their email in return for your freebie, the game is all yours! It is then your job to keep the juicy valuable content flowing all throughout!

In case you're looking for features to have in a FREEBIE, I have an amazing blog for you. I am adding the link below if you wanna check it out and get some help.

And of course, if you're a Kajabi user who wants to start building a list and is on the lookout for a great template, it's here. I am linking it down below so you can check it out.

 Over to you, friend! ☺

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