How to customize and embed a Kajabi form in a Wordpress website

Jul 03, 2019

Please watch the above video as it offers a step by step walkthrough of the entire process of creating, customizing and embedding a kajabi form in a WordPress site.

From the dashboard of Kajabi look for the control on the left.

1) Go to Marketing- Click Forms

2) Create a new form-give it a name

3) Click embed- Here you will see the embed code, which you can take and copy this code as per instructions that are provided by your theme.

3) If you want to change the look of this form - scroll down there are settings, here you can change the text on the form, the background colour, the font colour, the button colour, also you can add an image if you desire.

4) After customizing it as per your liking click Save. 

5) Go up and pick the new embed code that will have all the customizations you just did to your form.

6) Paste this embed code on space provided by wp theme, every theme has a different place where you need to embed the code, so you need to find out where you need to add the code and add it there.

By Following this tutorial you can go from 


If you have questions please feel free to email at [email protected] and ask.


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