How to structure your website's service page

Wondering what can be the best way to tell people how you can help them?

SERVICE PAGE is the answer.

Yes, you need a full-fledged webpage dedicated to the services you offer. The purpose of this page is to “sell” your services.

The service page of your website is the most viewed page, so it should be something that helps you bring in more clients.

The Service Page of your website will be the one-stop-shop for people to know what you’ve got for them.

I like to call this page the “Work with Me” page ☺

Elements of the work with me page need to convey to them WHY they should choose to work with YOU. Also, how YOU have all they’ll need. 

Figuring out the elements and then the order in which they should appear on the webpage can be tricky... that is why I am here with this blog today. In this blog, I will take you through the elements and what comes where.

I may have some exciting news in the end, too. Who knows? ☺

Shall we start?

1. Header

This is the topmost element of not only the services page but any webpage for that matter. This is where you place the navigation bar and your logo.

The navigation bar helps the visitor browse your website and head to whichever webpage they want to. No webpage is complete without a navigation bar.


2. State the results of working with you

Here you tell them about what you’ll help them achieve and what results they can expect from you. When you state the desired results, you know they’re in dire need of them, you catch their attention quickly. 

Basically, you need to make them go- “YES, I want this right now!”


3. List out how YOU can help

Be their comfort zone. List out various ways in which you can come to their rescue and pull them out of their pressing problem. 

There’s always tough competition in every field, give them strong reasons to trust YOU. 

This is the most detailed section of your “work with me” page. Here you go on to discuss the services you offer. 

When you tell them about the different ways in which you can help, you’re showing your expertise from varied dimensions and also reassuring them.

Discuss your various offerings briefly and link to the relevant page. 

Tell them what that service is about, who Is it for and what results they can expect. This not only helps them pick what’s best for them but also reflects that you know exactly what they need. They just have to choose the bucket they fall in.


4. Footer

Footer is the last section of all your web pages. It contains all contact and legal links.

You need to add a disclaimercopyright, terms and conditions, name of your business and all your social media handle icons for them to connect to you easily.

With this, we’ve come to the end of yet another blog post on a crucial webpage on your website. I hope I could bring you some clarity by mentioning these elements right here. 


The more you shape-reshape your services page the more it’ll appeal to your target audiences.

A clear yet descriptive and detailed services page is all you need to add to your site

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