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Are you ready to be a course creator? Read on to find out!

Are you ready to be a course creator? Read on to find out!

Online Course Creation, is it for you?

First, I want to address the elephant in the room… 

CAN ONLINE COURSES change lives?

You bet they can, My LIFE HAS CHANGED 360 degrees from the courses I have taken.

I would not have been where I am today had I not crossed paths with my three mentors. 

Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, and Denise Duffield Thomas.

Marie’s programme Bschool taught me the basics of running an online business.

Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy taught me all about creating and launching an online course.

Denise taught me everything about having the right mindset.

There would be huge gaps in my skill set had I not invested in these courses.

So, if you think online courses don’t work.

Think again...THEY DO. If done right.

Here I am not telling you to BUY a course…

What I am saying is that you can be that MENTOR for someone, the one who changes their lives as these lovely ladies did for me.

I am writing this piece to help you decide if course creation is for you.

Whatever path you take, I am cheering you on that journey.

I don’t want you to be in CROSSROADSas being on the fence is the worst thing ever…either you are in or you are out.

Can you be a course creator? Let’s try to figure that out.

Here are some Q's I want you to answer to reach a conclusion if you are ready to add a course to your business model or not.

1) Do you have something viable to teach?

Maybe a system, a method, or a blueprint? Something that helps your students solve a problem they are grappling with. 

The course topic can be as easy as how to bake a  soft velvety chocolate cake, but there should be your special sauce in what you teach.


2) Does teaching come naturally to you? 

   Do you have a gift of breaking down concepts in an easy-to-understand manner? Good Online Courses are not only full of value but they are also very actionable. So can you explain things in a way that people just get it and they can easily take action to reach the desired outcome?

3) Do you want endless growth possibilities?

Let me explain when you offer one-to-one service, your growth is restricted by the number of clients you can take on. You are restricted by the hours in a day by the days in a week etc.

But with an online course, there is no SUCH RESTRICTION, you can have students across the globe and you don’t have to give them INDIVIDUAL time. You can sell 1 thing that you create to 100's and even 1000 people.


4) Has your one-to-one service model started not to be fun anymore

1-to-1 client work takes up so much energy that you have little time to do other things that make you happy and there is no way you can scale back as it will impact the money you make? If that is you, online courses are for you.


5) Are there people you know who want to learn what you teach? 

Are you a go-to person for your friends and family when it comes to particular types of advice? Is there something you know that not everyone does as well as you?  Think over this...what are you very good at and what do people come to you for help on?


6) Does your current business model not fulfil your creativity?

Or Is it not able to provide you with the life you desire.

Maybe your job is doing the same thing again and again and it is not FUN.

Maybe the job you have or the work you do does not give you what you desire, you want more time with family, more time for vacations, and financial freedom and you are not getting that with what you do, maybe then it is time to add a course to your income stream.


7) Are you nearing the end of your corporate tenure

You may be close to retirement and want to add an income stream, and you are looking for a way to impart that knowledge to others so that you can help others and make money doing it.


If there was a YES to many of those…you sure are ready to add a course to your business model.

These things may further pull you towards course creation

You have seen other people SUCCEED in this business model and in your GUT you know this is the right thing to do for your business.

You can see this as something that will change your life for the better….

But there are some not-so-sexy things about course creation.


You like FIGURING things out and you won’t give up when you hit your first or fifth roadblock.

Persistence is very important when we are trying to build something new.

Technology and Marketing Strategies are always evolving… sometimes things we do are not giving us the desired result, so we need to innovate and change things till they bring in the results we are after.

Sometimes our offers won’t sell. We will have to figure out what is not working and fix it. 

Sometimes we will have tech/ design issues. We should be ready to figure things out or hire when we need help.

Even after reading this whole piece and nodding your head all along…you may not feel READY and guess what, you will never feel ready.

That is fear trying to keep us safe and stopping us from diving into the unknown world.

These are some answers I got in my research when I asked the Question -

When did you know you were ready/had to add an ONLINE COURSE to your business model?

For me, it was four years into my business. I had been working with folks one on one and found that I was having the same conversation with everyone.

It felt like there had to be a better way to impact more people with the same things I was saying repeatedly, so that's when I shifted my model away from 1:1 and toward course/membership.


"I don't know that I ever felt ready, but it seemed to be a smart business move to have an asset in my business that could be purchased 24/7"- Ajna Pisani

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take- Lewis Carroll.

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