Components of a Contact Page

Your website needs to be warm and welcoming. They should feel comfortable to reach out to you.

To put all your contact information properly organized in one place, you need a CONTACT PAGE on your website.

Yes, it is an important page to have on your site. 

Let’s quickly do a revision of all things necessary on your contact page.

1. Header

By now I am sure we all know what the header must have and why those elements are an absolute essential. So, let me quickly tell you the header contains the navigation bar and your company’s logo. 

The navigation bar helps visitors look through your website. It helps them get transported to any webpage of their choice by the click of a button. 


2. Embed a calendar

Make it easier for them to schedule a call with you, embed a calendar on your contact page. The person can choose from available days and time slots, as per their preference.
You can automate the backend stuff, like sending a confirmation and a link for the call.

This makes booking appointments so much more hassle-free because no one needs to coordinate via exchanging emails back and forth anymore. It’s professional and saves you so much hassle and time. 

I use and recommend Book Like a Boss

If you want to read a detailed review of it you can do so here.

3. Contact form

Not everyone is ready to book a call with you in the first instance. Embed a contact form on your contact page. Make sure this form has a Message Field, so that they can send a quick message to you.

If you use Kajabi, make sure you set automation to be notified when this form is filled.

4. Social media icons

Insert a logo of each social networking site you’re on. People can simply click on them and be redirected to your handle. This makes it easier for them to contact you with the click of a button. 

5. Footer

Lastly, we have the footer. As I discussed in my other blogs as well, this contains the legal formalities including terms/conditions, copyright, company logo and disclaimer. 

It also ensures a smooth ending to your web pages.

I use these legal templates and recommend them as well.

If you have all these elements I mentioned above your contact page is complete and how! It has everything a prospect could need to get in touch with you. 

Another thing you need to ensure is that you must be responsive.

If you’re giving them 5 ways to contact you, ensure you’re actively taking part in each of them. Remember that nothing pisses a prospect off as much as an unanswered query.

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