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Benefits of Blogging: 5 Compelling Reasons To Start A Blog Today

When I started my online business, for the longest time I didn’t understand why blogging was so important.

Everyone’s journey is different, but some things remain constant, like wanting traffic on your site, wanting to be well known, and wanting to be regarded as a subject matter expert.

In the online space, we need to position ourselves as subject matter experts and engage with our ideal clients. 

How to do that is not an easy thing to figure out.

You may ask, “So Sneha, what do I do?” 


Research has shown approximately 86% of content marketers prefer blogging as their content strategy. Now THAT is huge! 

Blogs are an effective way to build awareness about your business. They also help build brand authority, which is an absolute must in growing our businesses.

Blogs allow you to share valuable information, showcase your expertise and also position you as the Subject Matter Expert and Authority figure in your niche.

And these are not the only reasons for you to consider blogging. There is so much more than blogs offer. 

Fresh blog content is always a tried and tested way to beat your competitors and shine through. 

Blogging regularly is a commitment, and not everybody who offers the same/ similar services as you do will be putting in the effort to blog regularly.

This gives you an upper hand in your field because through blogs your effort can be SEEN. 

5 Benefits of Blogging

Let’s dive into one benefit at a time

1. Improves SEO:

This is one benefit that everyone who blogs will tell you about. That is just how important this is.

Irrespective of how frequently you blog, when you use the right keywords, it helps you to be “found”. The more you use it ( in blogs), the more are your chances of being ranked in the search results.

The keywords you use and topics you write about are an important way in which search engines find a way to your website when someone searches those specific words.


2. Position yourself as an industry expert:

This is where the know, like, and trust factor comes into play.

Blogs play a huge role in establishing authority and positioning your brand as a leader in the industry.

Also, the fact that not everyone invests the time and effort that goes into blogging regularly puts you in the driver’s seat. It is YOU who’s ready to go the extra mile.

Blogs help them in knowing YOU and YOUR WORK before they actually plan to invest in your paid offers.

Benefits for you: to showcase your knowledge and expertise, you can write about the topics you’re well-versed in.

Benefits For them: they get to know your style and can decide if you both are a great fit for each other.

Over time, you will realize that YOUR informative blogs have resonated with your target audience and have become their “go-to”. 


3. Generates Leads:

Blogging is the perfect place to create meaningful content for your target audience. When people read through your blogs, they’re intrigued and want to know more about what you do and what else you’ve got for them. 

When your free content is so good they might wonder what it is like to work in a paid capacity with you and would want to reach out for further help.

Link to your blogs from all your social media channels, that way you are bringing traffic/ leads to your site.


4. Establish better customer relationships:

Blogs give you an opportunity to connect with your Ideal Avatar.

The readers of your blogs are your warm audience they can definitely become a paying customer very soon.

Because of the active comments section, they can have a look at your interactions with other customers and have the option to post queries and communicate with you in a rather informal way.


5. Multipurpose:

You can write one meaningful blog and then repurpose it to post on social networking sites as well! So when you write a blog with your blood and sweat, it actually pays off! Because there aren’t just 1 or 2 ways to use it. There’s so much you can do.

You can divide the blog into sections and make individual social media posts out of it. You can then post these at regular intervals. This has two benefits in itself-

  • You now have an abundance of social media posts without added effort each time.

There’s SO MUCH you can do with that ONE blog. 

These are only some of the MANY benefits that blogging has in store for us. A part of me wants to share other benefits with you, but a part of me wants you to try blogging for yourself and experience the magic rather than simply hearing about it.

I hope my blog made you realize blogs are WAY more than merely “information sharing”. 

So go ahead. If you’re someone who has never given blogs a shot, this is your sign to do so.

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