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How to design a high converting opt-in page

What is an Opt-in page or a squeeze page?

An Opt-in page or a Squeeze page is a page designed with one goal in mind.

The goal is to get people to sign-up for your email list.

Researches have shown that opt-in rates on a squeeze page can go as high as 25%. 


This page gives all the information they need before they opt-in.


What’s unique about a squeeze page/opt-in page is that it doesn’t have any navigation menu, no sidebar nor has any hyperlinks.

It is hyper-focused with one goal in mind, which is to get them to opt-in.

This landing page doesn’t give the visitor any options, (aka they can't go to other pages of your site, they either opt-in or they leave the site)

Opt-in pages also make the task of your visitors grabbing the freebie so much easier. As they don’t have to hunt and peck for the freebie on your website.

When we send them to a stand-alone opt-in page, we reduce chances of them not finding the freebie.

They also don't feel lost on what to do once they are there, as there is only one button to click on the page. (That is not something they can miss)


Plus, your website has 5 + pages and so many other things they can do.

If you send them to your website with the intention that they opt-in to your email list, more often than not, something else will catch their fancy and they get distracted.

And you just lost a potential subscriber and he may never come back.


Now let’s discuss The Anatomy of an Optimized Landing Page:

1) No Navigation

When a visitor lands on your page, you don’t want them to leave until they hand over their email address and signup for what you have to offer...

For that reason, landing pages should not have a navigation bar on the top.

They can’t go to the other parts of your website, like you about page, your home page etc.

They can either opt-in or they can click the cross and leave.


2) Headline and Sub-headline

We should start the page with a benefit-driven headline and a supporting sub-headline.

People love to know what is in it for them.

The headline enables you to grab the reader’s attention, draws them in, and encourages them to keep reading PLUS it tells them why they should care!

So, take the time to craft your Headlines and Subheadlines.

You need to make sure it’s compelling, intriguing, and makes people want to keep reading.

3 ) List the benefits

After the headline and the subheadline, you should add some bullet points on what exactly they get or what can they do with the offer.

This is a place to list the benefits. ( once they grab this offer they can... do what? become what? Achieve what? list it out for them)

People like to know the specifics, so please be specific in this section.

Use enticing bullet points to convey the same.

Don’t throw in a large block of text.


4) Relevant Image

You should include a visual representation of your offer on your landing page.

This gives the visitor a glance at what they get when they opt-in.

Sometimes the graphic is what moves the needle in convincing them to opt-in.


5) Lead Capture Form/ Call to action button

The lead capture form or a call to action button is the most crucial element of an opt-in page or a squeeze page.

▶️ To note: don’t ask for a lot of information, I recommend first name and an email only until you have an absolute need for more information.

If you want to segment your list, use dropdowns or radio buttons which can be filled with an easy click.

If you add more fields, you add more barriers to entry as they have to spend more time filling the form.

▶️ Make sure the call to action button colour pops out. Don't let the button colour blend in with the other colours of the page.

▶️ Compelling Button Copy

The copy on your call to action button is very important.

Stay away from Subscribe, Submit, Signup

Use something more interesting like:

Get Instant Access

Yes, I want the Ebook

Heck Yes!

Yes, Let's do it!

Give. Me the freebie.


6) Social Proof

The proof of the pudding lies in eating.

What others say about you is more important than what you say about yourself.

People are heavily influenced by others opinion of you.

In today’s time, we all read reviews before we make a decision, even if it is a simple thing about whether or not we should eat in a particular restaurant.

Adding testimonials from people who have used what you have to offer adds instant credibility to your offer.

So adding a testimonial on a landing page is vital.


7) About you section:

Craft a few lines about you and include that on this page, most of the people who land on this page will not know you, so you can tell them a little about you and why you are the GO-TO expert on your topic.


8) Privacy Policy

Any time you request any personal information from a visitor on your website.

As per law, you should have a privacy policy on your site.

You can get a free privacy policy here. I use his Privacy Policy and Website terms and conditions as well. ( Affiliate Link)

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