3 Common Roadblocks You May Encounter While Writing a Sales Page

Denis Waitley rightly said- “Determination gives you the resolve to keep going despite the roadblocks that lay before you.”

When you’re venturing into something new, you’re bound to face challenges.

But don’t worry, I am here to bring attention to some of the most common roadblocks people face while writing a sales page so that you can avoid them and keep moving forward.

Most people suggest we must meander our way through and take a detour in case there’s a roadblock. BUT, my friend, I know you’re NOT someone who’s looking for a detour when a roadblock hits.

Instead of avoiding it, you’re gonna look for solutions and keep moving ahead!

Let's Dive Right In...

The two main challenges have no in-between! You either have loads of stuff to write or you go through what we call a “writer’s block.”

Stuffing your page with TOO much information

We need to draw a line between sharing too little and sharing too much. Too much information can become the biggest mistake we make.

People have short attention spans, and when they find themselves in a pool of trivial information; it becomes the perfect reason to not read further.

Not only this, when you write long-winded, it’s difficult to ensure the content remains engaging and relevant.

You may sound repetitive and boring and that will affect your conversions drastically.

So precisely, the roadblock here is- not knowing when to stop.

Experiencing the “writer’s block”

Have you ever sat in front of a screen waiting for words to appear magically? THIS is exactly what we call “writer’s block”.

Sometimes you can just sit, staring into oblivion, waiting for something to pop-up in your head to give you a kick start.

Here you JUST DON’T KNOW what to write. This may happen because you’re running out of ideas or because you’re doubting your capability to write something meaningful.

This is a big challenge to overcome because c’mon, no fairy will come to pour ideas in your head! We all need to make it happen.

You can spend hours together figuring out how to conceptualize or express a certain thing and STILL not know how to go about it.

This is what you can do when that happens: 

-        Start with the first thought that comes to mind and follow its trail. Don’t confine yourself by wanting to write it perfectly at the first go.

 -        There’s no doubting the fact that a proper structure is essential for a sales page. But you do not need to get them in the right order from the start. You can always move them around later in a flow that works.

-        Take a break to engage in activities other than writing. Often in our lives, monotony sets in and we run out of ideas solely because our brains have stopped working! So time-out, give yourself a breather, and then get back to it!


Difficulty in nailing down your target market

When you face difficulty in figuring out WHO your target audience is, you tend to write a generic sales copy which is talking to EVERYONE and hence talking to NOONE.

Now you may ask “If it sounds generic, then it should appeal to EVERYBODY”. But. It’s the opposite. Generic copy attracts NOONE.

Your copy needs to be written in a way that it resonates with people whom you want to serve.

Hope this helps you avoid some of the most common pitfalls when it comes to writing your sales page.


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