6 Common Mistakes While Writing a Sales Page

You’re here because you’re trying your best to do all things regarding writing your sales page. 

Mistakes are unavoidable. And even more when you’re trying something new.

You must've heard that quote- "The biggest mistake a man can  make is to be afraid of making a mistake."

There are some mistakes which I feel everyone makes. BUT, I don’t want you to make those mistakes. So, I am here to tell you how to avoid them.

Here are the mistakes to avoid 

Mistake #1- Making it ALL about you

FOCUSING a lot on ourselves while writing a sales page is a common mistake, I see, we think we need to share EVERYTHING about ourselves. The WHY, the WHAT, the HOW about our life as an Entrepreneur.

But NO, sales pages are about focussing on THEM, their problem, their situation, their desires, aspiration, and dreams.

You need to mention a bit about you as well, but it should take very little space on the sales page as they are interested in knowing what is in IT for THEM.


Mistake #2–Lacklustre testimonials

Stay away from testimonials that say things like “she was great,”, “she was wonderful,”, and “it was a pleasure working with her”.

Focus on testimonials that talk about the RESULTS, the STATS, and the AHAs you helped them get! Testimonials are your biggest source of social proof. They NEED to be POWERFUL.

Testimonials give insight into the reality of your offering and how effective they found it. This also enhances your sales and increases the chances of people choosing you over others!

To make it more impactful, you can add logos of renowned companies you’ve worked with.


 Mistake #3- First impression puts them off

When visitors glance at your sales page, they decide in a jiffy whether it appeals to them. The first impression then decides their next steps with you.

The first thing that meets the eye is the design. From the look to the font style to the colour scheme–all components of your page should be cohesive and look tied together!

Your sales page is the product of your thoughts and ideas- make sure it authentically reflects you.

For the content, use easy-to-understand language, LANGUAGE skills are NOT what you’re showing off here! When one skims through your page, they should get a gist of what it is about just by looking at the headings. The sales page should convey the message in a clear and concise way.

Make it easy on the eye, each paragraph shouldn’t be over 3 sentences. If people see blocks of text, they zone out.


Mistake #4- Lack of rapport building on the page.

Personal connections create professional opportunities.” And I couldn’t agree more!

As much as I believe that a sales page should be professional, it is essential for it to hold some amount of warmth in it. Your sales page must feel like a BEAR HUG to the visitors.

Touches of personal connection bring life and feelings on to the page... It makes people feel bonded with you. It’s your way of conveying that you’re here to help them with their exact problem.


Mistake #5- NOT giving them clear next steps

Don’t throw your readers into an ocean of information...and let them GO FIGURE.

When they’re bombarded with too much information and don’t know the next step, they get confused and leave.

Make sure your sales page leads to one clear call to action.

Having pop-ups or even ads will distract them, and your end goal (sales) will not be met. 


Mistake #6- Exaggeration

It is important to showcase the worth of your offer but learn how to not go overboard.

Never do things like “the offer is worth $10000 but I am giving it away for $500 because...”

Don’t overstate the price of your offer and then bring it down. It is off-putting for the people who are reading through it and may be interested to buy it.

State facts about your offer, tell them how it will help them acquire new skills, but DO NOT take it too far. If you promise more than what you plan to give, then it is bound to disappoint your clients, leaving a bad taste.

My Philosophy, all be AT HOME good, which means when they buy what you offer and go through it, they feel WOW, that was good and not MEH, it was just ok, and they think, I should not have bought it.

I’ve got you covered for some usual mistakes in this area, but to learn how to write an effective sales page I would like to invite you to check out my resource guide called Pitch Perfect Sales Page.

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