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5 simple tips to design a high converting sales page

When you have sooo many tips and tricks pouring in from all sides, it’s understood that you won’t know which ones to swear by. 

There is no way to know which ones are trustworthy and worth trying out…but you have little time to waste, you need to set up everything quickly.

And you also know that good design is important… because otherwise, it’s almost impossible to get conversions on your page.

Two days back you didn’t even know what a sales page is, and now suddenly you’re hearing this new term “high converting”. Don’t worry, I’ve been there too.

That is why I’ll tell you a few hacks related to how to design your sales page.

I guarantee you, by the end, you’ll have a sales page that looks better than when you started.

All you need to do is make your sales page eye-pleasing and user-friendly. And both these things you can achieve by having a properly structured design for your sales page.

Brace yourself, we’re about to beginnn…

Here's the tips to design high converting sales pages

Use Sections

See, to be very honest, without sections and segregations, your sales page is not a page. It’s just a lump of information crammed up in one place. It’s good to showcase our knowledge, but this is not the way to do so. 

The basic logic is –when you’re talking to someone, and they’re constantly blabbering, don’t you get irritated with all the unnecessary info you’re getting? You just want to ask them to shut up, don’t you? Same is the case with a sales page.

Believe me, no one has endless amounts of time to go through large paragraphs. So you need to break the text up. Make them short and sweet, 2-3 lines paragraph each.

Big paragraphs look highly unappealing. And give your sales page a very boring and serious vibe. So, large chunks of content are a BIG NO. 

Call-to Actions

The job of your sales page is to sell your offer.

The button is where the conversion happens, so your button should be sprinkled across your page like confetti.

The reader should not have to search for the button when they are ready to buy. They should be able to find it easily on a scroll or two.

Now you may ask, “How many call-to-actions are too many call-to-actions…?”

This depends on the length of the page, but have a call to action button at regular intervals, especially after you share something convincing that will make them want to buy.

Do not have 1 button at the end of the page, but always end the page with a call to action button.


White Space

You must think, “what will white space do? Is it important enough to mention here?” The answer is YES. It is extremely important since it plays a crucial role in making your page look neat, clean, and well-organized.

White space between text and even on the sides gives it a nice structure. More than that, it allows your website visitors to get a breather in between informational content.

This makes even your average content look amazing. It’s only such small tips that’ll take your conversions way beyond what you wanted them to be.

This white space is sometimes referred to as “negative space”. But what if this negative space brings only a positive impact to your sales? What else do you need, friend 

Bullets, Bold and Italics

Sometimes categorizing into sections isn’t enough. That is when bullets come to the rescue! 

Bullets can be used to further segregate information by making pointers. These will help you break obnoxiously long lists, avoid extensive use of commas, and above all, make content much easier to read and consume.

Convenience is key.

Bold helps in creating an impact. It helps to bring certain important words/phrases into notice. It catches our attention such that you just can’t miss out!

Italics helps in emphasizing something particular. And when you’re reading in a flow, and the font style just suddenly changes, it definitely will catch your eye!

Nevertheless, it’s important to take note, and not indulge in using these too much. As much as these help in a proper flow, it’ll take one second for them to go overboard and ruin the flow.

Use Visuals

A picture speaks a thousand words. 

Even if one does not read all the content, the graphics surely will help in delivering your message.

You can add visuals that depict what you are talking about on your sales page.

You can add visuals related to your offer, or directly a visual of our offer itself.

In case you’re out to sell a physical product, you know they can’t touch and feel it. So the least you could do is offer a picture of the product they’d receive.

Plus, an added advantage of adding graphics as photos or/and videos, is that it gives a nice break in between the content-rich paragraphs.

Mobile Responsive Design

I saved the best for the last. But this is a very important part of a good user experience.

As you know, a lot of folks are browsing on their phones these days, so your design has to be mobile responsive. 

So after you design your page for desktop, open it on mobile and make sure it looks good on mobile too.

Hide some design elements on mobile as they may not look as good as they did on the desktop.

Irrespective of which device the reader is reading on, they SHOULDN’T find it cumbersome.

Design is a major make or break factor. It decides the overall feel of your sales page.  

A good design will take your page from 0 to 100, and a poor choice will hit your conversions badly.

People like to look at well-organized and neatly laid out pages.

It's important to take your sales page seriously. There's a reason why 48% marketers design a separate sales page for each of their campaigns.

But, I understand that designing a sales page is not your forte and can get very intimidating… Don’t worry.

Because before you feel all startled and hassled, let me tell you I have a solution for your problem! 

Apart from all the above elements, there is much more that I want you to note.

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