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5 Ways to Incorporate Urgency in Your Sales Page

When I say “buy now!” you feel a rush inside and know that you have to make a quick decision. This is what URGENCY is.

Creating urgency means you’re not giving the prospect their own sweet time to decide. They HAVE to decide in a reasonable amount of time. Either it’s a HELL YES or a HELL NO!

And if YOU’RE here, it is because you’re not a master at urgency development. But by the end of this, you’d definitely be one!

You may ask why we need urgency.

We, humans, are PROCRASTINATORS, we hate taking action unless there is a BIG ENOUGH reason that compels us to ACT. And having urgency on our sales page will be that reason because of which your reader will have to take action.

Urgency helps in selling our course faster than it usually would without it.

When sales page LACK element of urgency, people take way longer to make a decision which is not good for your conversions aka sales.

Let me tell you, a report published by an expert in this field showed that sense of urgency and scarcity were capable of boosting the click-to-open rates up to 14%!

And you'll be shocked to know that if you use words that convey urgency, in your email subject line, then there are chances that transaction rates on your sales will shoot up 16%!

I will give you tricks to create some REAL urgency on your sales page!

Let’s get started...

Here are the ways to build urgency in your sales page

  • Add a deadline

If you’re launching for the first time, make your offer available at a special price for a very limited period.

You can call it the Early Bird Offer.

Another way of adding a deadline is opening your cart only for a certain period of time, this is called the Live Launch Model, here they have to enroll during that specific time frame or they miss it and they can't get in.

If you do a live launch model then use timers ⌛️⏰ in your sales page and emails they tend to push people over the fence and get them to buy.


  • Build FOMO 

Use “limited number” as a tactic here. Show them how many spots are left or show them how many spots you have in total.

This way when they see that your sales page screams “hurryyy only 5 spots left!!” they’ll FEEL the need to hurry, without you doing much. No one want's to be left out.

Present your offer in a way that no one wants to miss out on it, come what may!


  • Build-up the urgency

Urgency can be developed in ways that have nothing to do with the sales page. DEFINITELY, it is important for your sales page’s content to instill urgency, but there are other things you can do.

Write a quick email to your prospects. This just helps bring it to their notice, YET AGAIN. Keep giving them a heads up regarding how much time is left for the offer to expire. They won’t keep coming back to your sales page to check how much time is left. So, it’s YOUR job to tell them from time to time.

It may be for different reasons, but it works both ways. You don’t want them to miss it, neither do they! 


  • Use Urgency in your language

Time-related phrases like – hurry, don’t miss out, last chance, and join now, generate a sense of urgency. It triggers the prospect and makes them feel they’re missing out on something exquisite.

If you’re launching a discount for a day, you could say- Exclusive One Day Offer!

Sentences like these are a lot more impactful than we think they are.

Take it from me, language makes a lot of difference. 

Urgency is the most powerful factor to increase sales, but it’s NOT the ONLY one out there! If all other factors are weak, urgency won’t be able to do much for you.

You need to have a complete package and not miss out on even one essential.

There is a software called Deadline Funnels that does scarcity and urgency better than anyone else in the industry. Check it out here.

My one last but very important tip, it is nothing to do with urgency but it is crucial. 

  • Lower the distractions

Ensure there’s nothing that pushes your prospect elsewhere. Remove any ads or links that are coming in the way.

They do nothing else but distract your potential client. Because no matter how much urgency you may have created, one hyperlink, and it’s ALL GONE to waste. 

They may seem negligible but can turn the game around. One distraction is more than enough to break your prospect’s flow. So, do EVERYTHING it takes to let their focus remain on YOUR page.

All your efforts of urgency development have now gone down the drain. 

You sure you want that? Isn’t a high converting sales page what you wanted?

To know what other essential features of a sales page are, and so much more, I have created a guide for you! In that guide, you’ll see what other things there are to do to achieve a high-converting sales page.

In this guide, you’ll find-

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My guide is a comprehensive tool and will hold your hand through all the steps.

I assure you, it leaves no stone unturned!

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