Facebook Optimization

Are you using your Facebook Page and Profile to it's optimum?

Does your page help you take your business forward? 

Does it get clients, email subscribers and helps you sell your products/services?

 We all use Facebook to market our business today whether we are selling a product or a service.

As a matter of fact, we are relying heavily on Facebook to book more clients, sell more courses and reach our income goal. Isn’t it?

 An Optimized Facebook Page works as a foundation for all your marketing efforts that you do on Facebook.

 To do the audit and optimization I use my 20 plus-point checklist to make sure there are no leaks on your fb page/profile and then I make sure you are using your page strategically by optimizing it and I make sure your page aligns with your business goals and helps in taking your business forward.

This offer has two strategy calls 

Call 1 : We discuss the anatomy of a successful FB Profile and Page and I show you the leaks on your profile and tell you how to fix that.

Call 2 : We discuss what kind of content should you post to boost the know -like and trust factor that will eventually help you attract the right clients.Also, I share strategies on how to market yourself on places your Ideal Client Hangs out.

Investment 297 $


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I want to get leads from facebook ORGANICALLY

Client Love

Sneha understands that setting up an FB page is not just about having a fancy Fb page…in essence, you want an FB page because you want to bring in more leads!

Her service had both the pieces STRATEGY and IMPLEMENTATION

And honestly, when I knocked on her door, I didn’t even know what I needed for my page. She discussed with me all the possibilities of how I could use my FB page so that it does what I want it to do. ( Getting leads and growing my email list) She weaved both these aspects beautifully all through my page. It was amazing! She made me think of things I had not given a thought before and it was amazing as I got to look at things from a different perspective.

I felt she understood what I wanted from my page without having me to say anything to her as she understands that everything you hire her to do, is part of a bigger plan you have for your business. And that is priceless.

I can't recommend her enough.

Merel Kriegsman

Conversion Copywriter

As a HR manager by day and career coach by night the thought of setting up time to optimize my Facebook business page seemed daunting, I knew my Facebook needed HELP, but I didn’t know how to fix it and neither did I have the time to do the research on how to fix it.

I became frustrated when I would receive feedback from prospects that they had a hard time finding my FB business page. I felt helpless !

Working with Sneha was exceptional. She is knowledgeable, responsive and teaches you the why behind everything she adds, changes or implements. 

I wouldn’t have been able to figure out all the things that are possible with a business page even if I had spent hours and hours doing the research myself. 

I feel so confident now because I know that my fb page is now set for success and I can use it strategically to build my business.

I absolutely loved her strategy calls where she explains the ins and outs of a successful business page. Her training on how to grow your followers and increase engagement is fantastic.

Every penny spent on this service is worth it.

I recommend Sneha to the busy entrepreneur that is looking to up their facebook marketing game but struggling with finding time to make it happen. 

Lisa Downer, Career Coach,

#DCA Student

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This link will prompt you to book the first one hour strategy call and then prompt you to make the payment.

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